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#TravelTuesday News Roundup, May 3 2016

First U.S. cruise to Cuba in 50 years The longtime embargo that banned Americans from visiting Cuba was lifted this year, and the first cruise ship to the island just 90 miles from Miami set sail on Sunday. Some 700 passengers are aboard the boat from Carnival Cruise’s Fathom line –a unique arm of the […]

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Contest Alert – Win Five Nights at Villa Penasco in Mexico!

We consider ourselves pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to precious vacation time, having access to some of the world’s most spectacular villas. Whether we’re soaking up gorgeous views from Thai terraces, kicking back at cool apartments in Paris or L.A., or cozying up in a mountainside chalet, we have a sanctuary for every special […]

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Good Taste: 5 Lovely Country Kitchen Designs

Why is it that so many of us dream of living in the country? Perhaps it’s the promise of escaping the hustle and bustle, or the automatic relaxation that comes from driving towards the horizon with no agenda. Even if you’re firmly rooted in the city, be inspired by these country-style kitchens to create a […]

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Desert Dining: Where to Eat in Arizona

Arizona’s Sonoran Desert is well known for sunshine and spring training. But baseball fans have done a great job guarding one of the area’s best kept secrets – its food. Utopias like Singh Farms and Agritopia turn same-day harvests into sought after dishes. Favorite dinner choices include everything from modern Mexican to gastropub cuisine. Cocktails […]

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Match Made in France: A Guide to Wine and Cheese

Gone are the days of grabbing any old wheel of brie and table wine without second thought. From the Internet to Instagram we’re now surrounded by information on how to take our tastebuds  to the next level, but if like us you suffer from information overload, we’re here to cut through the clutter. With picnic […]

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7 Reasons to Love Provence

Oh Provence, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. Encompassing rolling hills, mountain outcrops and charming fishing villages, Provence’s many delights are too numerous to list here, but to get you started on a lifelong love for the area here’s seven very good reasons why you should be booking a trip to […]

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#Travel Tuesday News Roundup, April 26

  Honda Aircraft Company delivers Hondajet in Europe  No longer just a car company, Honda just presented its first jet at AERO 2016, the massive annual aviation expo taking place in  Friedrichshafen, Germany. HondaJets will be operated by the German Rheinland Air Service, and are said to be the sleekest, fastest and most fuel-efficient model in its […]

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Get The Look: Minimal California Zen

Perfectly clean and white with pristine marble floors, lots of sliding glass walls and accents of natural colour, fabrics and materials, this is cool California simplicity to its core. The open planned living space at the Beverly Hills Escape villa is designed to leave your troubles (and clutter) at the door, with clean lines, a […]