Stories written by Adam Lague
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Coffee scientist Shawn Steiman

The Expert Guide to Hawaii’s Famous Kona Coffee

Kona coffee is cultivated on a 20-mile long, two-mile-wide stretch on the slopes of two active volcanoes in the North and South Kona Districts of Hawaii’s Big Island: Hualalai and Mauna Loa. And at roughly $20-35 per pound, it is one of the world’s most expensive coffees. The value has to do with its taste, […]

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Night Dives in Barbados

Why Barbados is a Diving Paradise: Night Dives, Shipwrecks & Sea Turtles

Many a trip to Barbados revolves around rum shops, posh beaches, and the Friday night fish fry, but there’s plenty happening offshore too. A perfect way to add some adventure and exploration to your visit to the Caribbean’s easternmost island is to submerge yourself in spectacular water activities. Some of the Caribbean’s finest scuba diving […]

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Waterfalling Estate in Big Island

The Hawaii Mansion with not One, but Two Waterfalls

Scott Watson is an extreme sports junkie. In 2006, he was jet skiing along the Hamakua Coast of Hawaii’s Big Island when he passed by two beautiful waterfalls cascading down the side of a cliff near Nīnole. Ever imaginative, he immediately pictured a home on the land. Over the next several years, he turned his […]

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Wat Arun Temple at sunset in Bangkok, Thailand

7 of Thailand’s Most Distinctive Must-Visit Temples

There are more than 40,000 Buddhist temples in Thailand—so where do you start? Full of history and always overseen by giant buddha statues, these are the places locals come for prayer, and travelers tour for magical experiences. While some believe that if you’ve seen one Buddhist temple, you’ve seen them all, these seven famous—and wildly […]

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Pura Vida on a beach in Costa Rica

10 Ways to Truly Live the ‘Pura Vida’ Life in Costa Rica

If you summed up Costa Rica in two words, locals and tourists alike would agree: It’s all about “pura vida.” The catchy phrase means “pure life” or “full of life,” and is a greeting, a farewell, or an ‘it’s cool’ response to just about anything. The words reflect an emotion, an attitude, and the whole […]