Stories written by Judith Ritter
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An Idyllic Island Getaway On South Caicos

For Palo Alto couple Stephen and Debra Smith, the tale of their first trip to the Turks and Caicos Islands more than two decades ago is as much about their adventure getting to the island as about the luxury villa at Sailrock that they would eventually buy. Back then, the tiny British Overseas Territory 500 […]

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Next Stop, Paradise at Coco Privé Private Island

Looking for a little privacy from the 21st-century chaos, the sturm und drang of daily life? How about a hideout on an atoll in the Maldives? It sounds remote enough to indulge all your castaway imaginings, but make those fantasies the five-star kind. Coco Privé Private Island is a tranquil complex of astonishing architecture surrounded by coral reefs in the […]

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Fine Dining and Fast Cars at Miami Supercar Rooms

For exotic car connoisseurs, a visit to Miami SuperCar Rooms is a heart stopping experience, not only for the chance to get up close and personal with some of the rarest autos in the world. The 15,000 square foot gallery of 16 of the world’s sexiest auto masterpieces is also a late night, haute boite […]

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Casa Bri Bri in Costa Rica

The Power of Simplicity at Casa Bri-Bri

She had an idea to buy a small hotel. He needed to be near the sea so he could surf. And they both agreed that when the time came to start their family, they could not imagine leaving the house early in the morning and not seeing their child until six in the evening. So […]

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A Handmade Home in Costa Rica

There is a well-known (though anonymous) quote, “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” Those words perfectly describe the personal philosophy that drove Dan Catalfumo to trade his life as a successful South Florida developer for one of relaxation surrounded by nature in a vacation dream home in Costa Rica. […]

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Style and Substance: Stephanie Odegard

The name Stephanie Odegard is quite simply linked with style, luxury and affluence. Her hand knotted rugs and home furnishings are known worldwide. And so is her commitment to human rights. For her entire adult life this celebrated designer has managed to seamlessly weave together a love of (and life among) beautiful things, a wildly […]

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A Slice of Paradise at Tip of the Tail Villa

There was nothing in Glenn Garrard’s childhood that would predict that at age 50 he would hand build a six-bedroom Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home on a deserted tip of a small tropical island and moreover, complete it in a mere 7 months! Glenn, who grew up in a northern climate (Ontario, Canada), had not traveled […]