Stories written by Larry Olmsted
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Park City Dining Guide

With more skiing than any other American mountain town, Park City, Utah is home to two very different but one-of-a-kind destination ski resorts. Thankfully, the town has more than enough breakfast, lunch, après, and dinner options to satisfy all its hungry skiers. Deer Valley, just outside the southern edge of downtown, is perhaps the nation’s […]

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Jackson Hole Dining Guide

A cowboy town with a big skiing problem, Jackson neatly melds the best of the old and new in one spectacular setting, at the base of the mighty Teton mountains. With the highest vertical drop in the United States and some of the sport’s most infamously difficult trails – beyond double black runs like Corbet’s […]

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Breckenridge Colorado

Dining Guide to Breckenridge, Colorado

While less glitzy than famous rivals like Aspen and Deer Valley, Breckenridge is more popular than either – it vies annually with sister resort Vail for the title of the single most visited ski resort in the United States, perennially coming in first or second. There are many good reasons for Breckenridge’s allure and popularity, […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Sun Valley, Idaho

Sun Valley is where it all began – this was literally America’s first destination ski resort, with the world’s first chairlifts, where the very idea of the American ski vacation was born. In the eight decades since, Sun Valley has walked a fine line between a laid back, casual, very athletic, and a little bit […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to New Zealand Wine

In the 1970s California and the United States paved the way for the popularity of “New World Wines,” meaning those produced outside of Europe, but few countries have embraced the trend as fully as New Zealand. Best known for its food friendly, crisp and wildly popular Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand winemakers have also embraced red […]

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The Gourmet Traveler: Eating and Drinking in Puglia, Italy

Not what most people expect when they close their eyes and imagine Italy, Puglia’s landscape has as much in common with North Africa across the sea as with the rest of Continental Europe. It’s flat, arid and empty, in a starkly impressive way, its buildings shimmering white or the locally distinctive pointy stone towers. It […]

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Champagne 101

No country is more famous for wine than France, and no French wine is as famous as Champagne.  It’s the stuff of celebrations, coronations and christenings, but while everyone knows its name, few realize that it is a made under stricter legal and quality controls than any other wine on earth. As a result, there […]

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Beginner’s Guide to Italian Wine

Though only half the size of France, and less than three quarters that of California, Italy makes more wine than any other country on earth. But Italy matches quantity with quality, and in particular, with value at all levels. It makes enjoyable cheap wines, excellent mid-priced wines, and its most collectible and prized labels are […]