4 Swimsuit Brands You Should be Rocking This Summer

4 Swimsuit Brands You Should be Rocking This Summer

Because there's always room for another bikini

It’s safe to say the beach is sort of our second home. While pretty sands and sparkling waters are on the menu 365 days a year, our tastes in swimsuits change every season. Here’s what brands we’re wearing this summer as we soak up the rays.

The Classic Style: Solid & Striped 

bikini-brands-1Flip through the Solid & Striped lookbook and you’ll be transported to a glamorous 1950’s pool party, where Taylor Swift makes a guest appearance, wearing a high-waisted bikini and Ray Ban wayfarers. Solid & Striped is all about classic simplicity and high quality, and their retro designs are just classic enough that you’ll likely keep them more than one season.

This year, we’re all about “The Anne-Marie” a striped, low-back one-piece. The Italian fabric is soft and wildly comfortable, and promises you won’t have a wet bathing suit situation on you hands for hours after you step out of the ocean. We’re also still pining after that navy two-piece suit Gigi Hadid was spotted wearing in Miami. The bonus about Solid & Striped? We love their after-the-beach gear just as much, especially the elegant and cozy cotton beach cape for morning walks or cool nights, and this way-too-cute denim romper to throw on before you head to the beach bar.

Where to wear it: Classic cuts and nautical stripes have us thinking of The Hamptons, but the chic cover-ups make us turn our gaze toward St Barts. How about both?

The Trendy & Cool: Kiini 

rocky-barnes-kiiniLooking for a “one of a kind” bathing suit? At Kiini, every suit is handmade so there’s no chance of someone else having exactly the same one. The colorful stitching and crochet look sets it apart from other bikinis out there, and fun-loving brand claims their suits are believed to unleash superpowers. What’s more, the suggested activities for wearers of the brand are cartwheeling and hula hooping. In other words, don’t take your Kiini too seriously; embrace that vibrant color and go have some fun.

The queens of forward-fashion at Man Repeller picked up on Kiini’s coolness, and since then trendsetting stars like Heidi Klum, Jordan Dunn and Instagram star and model Rocky Barns (pictured right) have been spotted frolicking around the ocean sporting Kiinis. We love how there are only a handful of styles to choose from on their site at any time, as it makes selecting the perfect combo easy and leaves more time to plan out all of the fun activities we’ll be doing at the beach.

Where to wear it: Colorful suits deserve an equally colorful habitat: Palm Springs. You’ll mesh with the vintage cool vibes seamlessly, and Kiini can double as a top at that Coachella pool party.

The Instagrammer: Monday Swimwear 

for-story-1If you’re a woman who has Instagram, chances are you’ve heard of @bikiniaday. It’s a gallery of two Australian, globetrotting best pals – Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman – who have committed to wearing a bikini 365 days a year, and showing all of their fans and fellow bikini addicts their journey in the process. The Instagram sensation eventually evolved into a full-out brand, Monday Swimwear, for the women to share their love of bikinis even more.

Their styles are simple yet sexy; body-hugging cuts reign supreme in lieu of loud prints. The designers champion fabrics and styles that emphasize the curves of every body, and are vocal about body confidence on their Instagram page.  That sense of confidence is emulated best in the bold, playful orange “Palma” bikini.

Where to wear it: Oakley and Brugman’s  were inspired to start their blog while living in Hawaii, so go straight to the source to feel that same sense of happiness by tossing on a suit to stretch out on the beaches of Oahu.

The Eco-Conscious Fashionista: Vitamin A  

helen-owenIncredibly soft and supple jersey fabrics made with sustainability in mind are at the heart of what Vitamin A creates. Toss on one of their suits and enjoy a day fre from tight, itchy seams or fabric that’s easily pulled. Their mantra is “Style and Sustainability” so you’ll be walking the beach looking fab and feeling good about your low carbon footprint.

Vitamin A is known for their trademarked Little Black Bikini, or LBB that, much like the dress we all know and love, really does look good on everyone. And recently they collaborated with one of our favorite Instagrammers, Helen Owen, to create a flirty capsule collection. Helen’s sporty-sexy designs are perfect for the beach-goer who’s up for any activity (we love the turquoise!)

Where to wear it: Vitamin A’s commitment to sustainability calls for an eco-adventure, don’t you think? Costa Rica it is!

Images via: Solid & Striped; Helen Owen; Kiini, MondaySwimwear/Instagram
Colleen McNamara