Pet Vacations: A New Era in Luxury Travel

Pet Vacations: A New Era in Luxury Travel

Even your pets need a paws from their stressful lives now and then

Luxury Retreats is proud to announce the launch of its new initiative: Pet Vacations. Starting today, we’re accepting bookings at select luxury villas exclusively for dogs and cats to live in a human-free environment for a week or two.

Dog sleeping in hotel roomThe very same luxury vacations you know and love will now be available to your pets. We believe the future of travel is a future where our planes, beaches, and villas aren’t restricted to humans, but accommodate our four-legged friends too. We’re proud to say that now, with Pet Vacations, the future is here.

We know you love your pets, and we love ours too. After a long day at work there’s nothing better than coming home to find your dog waiting at the door, tail wagging uncontrollably, unable to contain its excitement. We all secretly love being woken up at 5:30 in the morning by the not-so-gentle foot nibbles of our devilish little kitty cat. And yes, we get that there’s no proper way to describe the joyful feeling you get when you drop a handful of paper-thin orange flakes into the fishbowl and… well okay maybe not that one. But our research shows that sometimes your pets need to de-stress too, and we think a vacation is the best way for them to do that. Yorkie on Sofa in Pink Robe at Grooming Salon SpaIn fact, in a recent study we discovered that 83% of domestic pets reported feeling left out by their owners when they were not invited to take part in a recent “family” vacation.

Here’s what else we found: they know what you’re up to. They recognize your suitcases when you leave and they can smell the suntan lotion on your skin when you come back. Chances are your pet will find out about Pet Vacations soon; we all know how quickly the news spreads in the canine community. So act fast, before the woof spreads.

There’s only one problem: Your pets might have a hard time booking their vacations. Yorkshire Terrier Day at the Groomer-SpaSee, our typical bookings come in on the Internet, through email, or over the phone. Your pets, as independent as they may be, have yet to master these forms of communication. Their paws often cause them to jumble their words on the keyboard, and when we talk on the phone, we can just never understand them. Which brings us to you. We need your help. Talk to your pets, and ask them what they’re looking for. Then, pick up the phone, call a Luxury Retreats Villa Specialist, and discuss how you can send your dog, cat, or goldfish on the next flight to Jamaica.