Travel Tuesday Travel News Roundup for July 5, 2016

Travel Tuesday Travel News Roundup for July 5, 2016

This week in travel: the world's top travel destinations according to U.S. News

Istanbul’s Airport Reopens after Attack 

turkish-airlines-1Last week’s attacks at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport left 41 dead and more than 230 people injured. Flights were stopped to and from many countries including the United States following the attack, but the airport reopened early Wednesday morning. In a statement, Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism reassured travelers that “All the necessary security measures have been taken by the state’s security forces and that as of [Wednesday] the airport is open to the air traffic and all services are continuing.” A number of airlines including Turkish Airlines and Air Canada have reassured passengers flying to, from or via Ataturk Airport that they can opt to change their flight, free of charge to travel on different dates in future. If you are affected by this event, contact your airline for further information.

And the world’s best destination is… 


Australia’s famous Great Barrier Reef took the top spot in the annual World’s Best Places to Visit report, generated by U.S. News. Results were calculated using a combination of travel data, expert opinion and user voting. The reef is a must-visit for snorkelers and divers alike, thanks to the 2,900 individual reefs (the world’s largest), warm waters and diverse coral life. Elsewhere in the world, European cities that ranked high on the list were Barcelona, Paris and Florence, while the British Virgin Islands, Maui and Bali were listed as must-see tropical escapes.

Jet Blue is helping your TSA wait times 

tsa-wait-times-1The dreadfully long lines at airport security have been making headlines recently, and some airlines like JetBlue are making moves to help their fliers get through a little bit faster. The airline announced on Thursday that they’re going to foot the bill for their Mosaic TrueBlue members (fliers who travel over 30 times per year). All Mosaic members have to do is go through the regular TSA pre-check application, and pay using the individual code provided by JetBlue via email. While some of us may not fly enough to reach JetBlue’s Mosaic status, more travelers using TSA pre-check means less congested regular lines for everyone else – we’ll take that!

Introducing: the newest travel accessory for traveling celebs 

ishu-scarfYou’ve seen it before in magazine’s like InTouch and USWeekly, celebrities holding their arms up in front of their faces, dodging paparazzi after a long flight. While bulbs flashing at LAX might be entertaining for the rest of us, one young designer, Saif Siddiqui, thinks otherwise. Siddiqui believes in the importance of privacy, which inspired him to design the privacy-protecting “Ishu” scarf; the name is a play on “issue” and “shush.” The scarf, which has a cool retro pattern, is made with light-reflecting crystals that bounce off of camera flashes and video cameras ruining the resulting picture by turning it black and grainy leaving only an image of the scarf itself. Ishu scarves cost about $350USD and have been snapped up by celebs including Joe Jonas and Cameron Diaz. The product is currently sold out but more are slated to drop next month.

Images: WhatsTheIshu/instagram; Arina P Habich; tigristiara; Edward Haylan/shutterstock



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