These Spectacular Homes are the Treehouse You Never Had

Six luxurious, lofty homes that will remind you of your childhood

Inside us all, there’s still an inner child that lives for adventure. That little kid that still knows all the words to your favorite children’s movie, still follows your favorite sports team with unreasonable fanaticism, and still dreams about that perfect backyard escape high up in the trees. We have good news for you: Grownups can have fun too. Here are 6 luxurious homes with a treehouse feel that will take you right back to your childhood.

Casa Ramon, Costa Rica

Treehouse-Casa-Ramon-galleryEvery treehouse has its story, and Casa Ramon certainly does. Originally built as a passion project, owner Jorge Retana crafted this unique property out of sustainable bamboo, which perfectly echoes its forest surroundings. This Costa Rican paradise’s unique design makes it a standout – so much so that it’s often visited by celebrities in search of a private escape. The exclusive feel undoubtedly pays homage to the treehouse you loved as a child… or the one you never had but still dream about. Its stunning balcony views, spacious pool and hot tub, and colorful interior are all deluxe, but the kid in you will flock to the outdoor kitchen. With all the modern amenities and a lounge area with comfy couches, you could spend the better part of your day here. Bamboo surrounds you while the trees poke their way through giving this space the ultimate treehouse feel without losing any lustre. You’ll be young again in no time.
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Big Timber Chalet, Whistler

Treehouse-Big-Timber-galleryWas there anything cooler as a kid than climbing up the ladder to your little private escape high up in the branches? Here, you’ll relive that feeling, but this time, you’ll drive. Upon arrival, you’ll discover a lumberjack-style mountain chalet that will make you want to yell ‘Timber!’ at the top of your lungs. The property boasts an incomparable outdoor spirit that is indisputably Canadian – and we’re not sorry about it. Which brings us to the pièce de résistance: This vacation ‘treehouse’ is even better in the winter. Surrounded by tall, snow-covered pine trees, you’ll be able to look down on the beautiful ski town of Whistler, British Columbia and plot your course for a day on the slopes in this skier’s paradise.

L2 Residence, Thailand

Treehouse-L2-galleryBuilt right into the hillside among tropical gardens, this villa plants you at the intersection of peace and serenity. The southern part of Koh Samui is known to be quiet, and this property’s densely forested surroundings ensure an extra tranquil holiday. At times, you’ll wonder if you’re on an island getaway or a jungle excursion, but the modern amenities and extra-friendly service will remind you it’s all luxury all the time. There’s no question you’ll be at one with nature among the lush trees that surround you both inside the villa and out. Hanging out on any of the series of decks and terraces after sunset will give you major treehouse vibes. Still, your past self will be envious of the day beds, hot tub, and views of the Gulf that your grown-up treehouse has.
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Hale O’Wailele, Hawaii

Treehouse-Hale-O-Wailele-galleryPicture this: A treehouse with an indoor pool, hot tub, and waterfall. Crazy, right? Okay, now open your eyes. You’re at Hale O’Wailele Estate in Maui. And while this, of course, is not a real treehouse, it has all the seemingly unrealistic elements you dreamed of putting in your backyard home as a kid, like TVs, couches, and beds, while also featuring some amenities you would have never thought to. Floral colors and bamboo touches invoke memories of playing in nature, while al fresco dining and a private ocean-view deck bring you back to reality, albeit an almost unbelievable one. The property’s mind-blowing solarium is your imaginary treehouse, decorated with plants and flowers. More extraordinary is a lagoon pool brightened by natural light that cascades in through large glass panels. The clincher is a waterfall that flows over lava rock and spills into the hot tub, where you’ll sit back, close your eyes, and let your mind drift.
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Villa Mariana, Costa Rica

Treehouse-Villa-Mariana-galleryVilla Mariana is a stunning, five-bedroom, four-acre, contemporary Costa Rican jewel in the middle of the jungle. The main house is a modern wonder, with high glass walls and sleek white interiors. And when you rent Mariana, you’re also treated to a charming additional guest house perfect for an escape featuring morning coffee and a good book. The separate one-bedroom casita, with its own kitchen and bathroom, is as much a treehouse as you’ll find. Built into the trees, the villa’s owner promised the previous land owner he wouldn’t compromise any of its natural resources with his build. He was right. The main house and casita each blend right into the surrounding forestry. Keep an eye out for welcome visitors: frogs, toads, basilisks, toucans, sloths, and monkeys are often spotted nearby. Be nice – not only because you’re on their territory, but because you’ll likely be coming back.
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Mamole Tree House, Indonesia

Treehouse-Mamole-Tree-House-galleryWelcome to the treehouse villa to end all treehouse villas. Mamole doesn’t just look or feel like a treehouse, it literally is one. Experience truly unique luxury in one of two bedrooms perched on wooden stilts, nestled between Nihiwatu’s ancient trees. A bridge made of bamboo takes you from one abode to the next. From your own personal sanctuary, you’ll look down to find an ocean view, infinity swimming pool, outdoor dining, sun loungers, and daybeds. World-class butler service, housekeeping, and in-villa dining will make your stay effortless. This once-in-a-lifetime experience will prove that treehouses can be fancier than you ever imagined.
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