From Silver Screen to Sunscreen: Where Oscar Winners go on Vacation

From Silver Screen to Sunscreen: Where Oscar Winners go on Vacation

From St Barts to Punta Mita, where to go to rub shoulders with the stars

Being a movie star can be hard. Long days on set are followed by many months on the road during promo tours, not to mention the constant barking of the paparazzi. With all this action, it’s no wonder that when the best of the best in showbiz have a minute to unwind, they’re jet-setting to their favorite corner of the globe for some much needed R&R. 

Since last Sunday’s show, we’ve been scouting out all the cool destinations where Oscar winners go on vacation. It just so happens that our favorite winners through the years happen to have an excellent taste in travel, too. On your next trip to one of these spots, you might just see a golden statue.

Leonardo DiCaprio: St Barts and Belize

Best Actor 2016: The Revenant

If the internet in the past couple of weeks has proven anything, it’s that we’ll never, ever get tired of good ol’ Jack Dawson. Along with being one of the most praised actors of all time, fans of Leo (aka everyone) admire his “relaxed” style when it comes to his off-screen life. Much different than the arctic climates of The Revenant, Leo’s tried-and-true place to chill is the island of St Barts. As he relishes in laid-back luxury, you can find Leo in one of two places: a yacht, or near the ocean surrounded by his favorite companions, models.

When Leo’s not making movies or doing karate, he’s fighting against climate change. A well-known environmentalist, Leo is passionate about sustainability. where celebrities go on vacationAnd lucky for us travel fiends, Leo is combining his love for travel and tropical climes with environmental issues by opening up his own eco resort called, “Blackadore Caye, a Restorative Island”. The New York Times reported DiCaprio fell in love with Belize in 2005 for its diverse marine system, massive coral reef and Mayan culture. Leo is teaming up on the project with Jeff Gram, owner of Cayo Espanto – which just so happens to be our favorite place in Belize (pictured left). It’s slated to start welcoming visitors in 2018… so let the countdown begin!
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Kate Winslet: Richard Branson’s Necker Island 

Best Actress 2008: The Reader

Kate Winslet seems to have the same affinity for the beach as her BFF Leo. While you might think Kate jetsets to Los Angeles from London to hang with Jack Black like her character “Iris” in the rom-com The Holiday, Kate’s tastes in travel are a little more refined. She’s stayed at fellow Brit Richard Branson’s next-level-luxury private island, Necker Island, where she met her now-husband Ned Rocknroll – who also happens to be Branson’s nephew. Necker Island is located in the dreamy British Virgin Islands, where white sands and crystal clear waters are as common as the sunshine.

Kate’s last visit to Necker Island ended in a fire at The Great House, but fortunately no one was hurt. The silver lining? This part of the island was restored and is now better than ever. We’re not positive when Kate’s heading back to Necker, but we’re willing to bet she’ll be needing some time to unwind BVI’s style after award season.
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Jamie Foxx: Maui and St. Tropez

Best Actor 2004: Ray

Whenever we hear Ray Charles’ hit Georgia on my Mind, we still think of Jamie Foxx’s Oscar-winning portrayal of the singer in Ray. The same year Foxx won best actor for Ray, he was also nominated for Collateral, the second actor ever to be nominated for two Oscars in one year (the other one is Al Pacino.)

Since then, Foxx has been keeping busy with a number of ventures, from his radio station The Foxxhole to collaborating on hit records and performing in moves like Tarantino’s Django Unchained. When it’s time for a much-needed breather, he switches it up between wearing white linens and boat shoes while yachting around the glamorous St Tropez, or having family fun on the beach in Maui. Needless to say, we’re a fan of his sunny getaway choices just as much as his memorable performances.
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Gwyneth Paltrow: Mexico and Amalfi Coast 

Best Actress 1998: Shakespeare in Love

In you hear the name Gwyneth Paltrow, her intimidatingly healthy online magazine, Goop, may come to mind. But, if you’re a little more nostalgic like us, you remember young Gwyneth floating down the red carpet in that gorgeous pink Ralph Lauren dress the year she won for Shakespeare in Love. Since her winning performance, Gwyn has been busy marrying rockstars (and consciously uncoupling from them), rearing adorable children, and publishing that hugely successful online magazine, but she still manages to squeeze in some time for coastal bliss.

Most recently, Gwyn was spotted soaking up the sun at the beautiful Casa Majani in Punta Mita (pictured right). We’re also willing to bet that health-conscious Gwyneth took advantage of the beautiful yoga and fitness room. As summer approaches, the actress is likely planning another adventure on the Amalfi Coast; her Instagram pics from Positano last summer indicate a very, very happy glamper.
Stay at Casa Majani like Gwyneth 

Jennifer Lawrence: The Hamptons

 Best Actress 2012: Silver Linings Playbook

Oh, J-Law! There’s no arguing she’s Hollywood’s most likeable leading lady; she has the charisma and wit to match her outstanding on-screen talent (which is no easy feat). Recently, Jennifer and Amy Schumer joined forces to write a comedy blockbuster, and became travel buddies while they were at it.

Before they began writing, a creative retreat was in order. The starlets got their creative juices flowing while on vacation in The Hamptons. You might recall Shumer’s Instagram posts of she and Lawrence jet-skiing and making human pyramids aboard their yacht. Apparently, Schumer invited Jennifer on a whim, and she showed up the next day. Last minute jetsetting – yet another reason to love J-Law.


Photographs: Tinseltown; Featureflash; s_bukley; Helga Esteb; Everett Collection /
Colleen McNamara