24 hours in Mont Tremblant-1

24 hours in Mont Tremblant

Exploring North America's most European Resort

Looking for one more ski weekend before the end of the season? Head north to Tremblant. With over 96 trails centered around a European-style mountain village, Mont Tremblant with its unique French flavor is within easy reach of the East Coast. Here’s the perfect way to spend a day in the Laurentian mountains.

Step one: Early Bird Special

Where: Your chic chalet
When: 7am
Why: Everyone knows the early bird catches the worm, but what about catching the chairlift before the crowds? Forgo a lengthy brunch in favor of a quick, delicous breafast of fresh coffee and scrambled eggs in your chalet’s state of the art kitchen to set you up for a morning on the slopes. And don’t forget to stretch before you head out! Our resident ski expert, Carlos Gancedo, suggests some simple yoga moves to loosen up both body and mind before heading out.

Step two: First Tracks

Where: The mountain Tremblantskilift_WP
When: 7:45am
Why: The chairlifts at Tremblant officially open at 8:30am, but you can get ahead of the pack with a First Tracks pass, which lets you jump on the chairlift as early as 7:45am. Nothing beats the feeling of carving your way down a pristine run as the sun rises above the mountain. Head to the north side, which tends to be quieter (and some say less icy) than the south. Start off easy with the Beauchemin, a wide and curving run, before tackling some of the more challenging runs such as local’s favorite, Duncan.

Step Three: Refuel with Rigatoni

Where: Milles Pates
When: 1pm
Why: After a morning of solid skiing you deserve a break, not to mention a hearty lunch. You’re done for the day, so jump in the car and head for the neighboring village of St Jovite and the unassuming Milles Pates. This low-key spot makes its own fresh pasta and delicious sauces every day, making the perfect pitstop on your way out of town for your next stop: Spa Scandinave.

Step Four: Well-Earned Rest

Where: Spa Scandinave
When: 2pm
Why: Tucked into a bend in the Diable river just outside the resort, Spa Scandinave makes the most of its natural surroundings with treatments such as hot stone therapy. Oh, and it’s completely open air. No matter what the mercury reads outside, you’ll need to brave the cold to take part in the nordic-style circuit of warm and cold pools. Start off in the hot tub or sauna before refreshing the body with a cool shower or a dunk in the plunge pool. Intrepid visitors can switch up the plunge pool for a frigid dip in the river – the staff cut a special hole in the ice for this very reason. The best part of the circuit comes next – a well-earned rest, in the solarium or zero-gravity pavilion.

Step Five: Real Mountain Cooking

Where: Restaurant Patrick Bermand
When: 7pm
Why: Returning invigorated from your afternoon at the spa, it’s time to think about food once again – this time to enjoy the local flavors at Patrick Bermand. Born and raised in a ski town in the French Pyrenees, Patrick knows a thing or two about mountain cuisine. He’s lived in Tremblant for over 20 years, and his eponymous restaurant has been thriving for the past 11 of those. Take a seat by one of the snow-covered windows inside the traditional chalet, and enjoy the homemade gravadlax, or that most Canadian of dishes, poutine (fries, gravy and cheese curds), given an upmarket twist here with a lobster topping.

Step Six – Skate it Off

Where: St Bernard Chapel MontTremblantvillage
When: 9pm
Why: Work off your meal with a moonlit skate under the stars. Open every night until 10pm, the picturesque rink in front of St Bernard’s chapel is perfected for a romantic photo opp. There’s normally a fire blazing too if you need to warm up between circuits. When you’ve had your fill, head back to your cozy chalet and snuggle up in your comfy bed with the heavy limbs and happy heart that come after an action-packed day in the mountains.

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Main photograph: c/o Station Mont Tremblant
Jenny Cahill-Jones