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5 Themes for your New Year’s Eve Party

Fun ideas to begin and end the year

You only get once chance at ending the year – and starting a new one – in style. New Year’s Eve is undoubtedly one of the most hyped up nights of the entire year. Here are 5 vacation-friendly theme parties you can throw to make this New Year’s the best one yet!

Decade Party

Young people dancingThere’s no better way to ring in a brand new year than to remember some old ones. Everyone has their favorite decade, be it the swinging sixties or the naughty nineties, or anything in between. Take advantage of your vacation home’s sound system to pull up the most popular tunes from the time, and set the tone with some decade-specific fashion choices. If your party guests come from the same age range, a decade from your youth is sure to be a big hit. Keep the theme in mind the whole way through; for example, for a sixties party, opt for handwritten rather than email invites!

Around-the-World Party

grapes and champagneNo matter where in the world you are, the clock will strike midnight, and you’ll leave 2016 behind in favor of 2017. And that’s cause for celebration! This year, honor the ways different countries celebrate the New Year – in Spain, tradition calls for eating 12 grapes at midnight; in Puerto Rico, it’s customary to throw buckets of water out the window; and in France they eat pancakes and foie gras. However you choose to celebrate, seal it with a midnight kiss.

Masquerade Party

Joyful girlsPerhaps the most elegant way to ring in the New Year, a masquerade party or ball is an event where guests attend in costume and wear a mask. The first step is narrowing down your theme: black and white, and old Hollywood glamour are good options for first-timers. To stay true to the elegant nature of the theme, choose a villa with a grand staircase (like this one) for dramatic entrances! Ask your on-site chef to prepare a buffet table with assorted cheeses, meats, and fruits. Music should remain true to the theme you’ve chosen – for example, jazz for a roaring 1920s party. End the night with prizes for best costume and mask.

Bonfire Party

california-la_sierramar_33Nothing says laid back New Year’s like a bonfire party. It’s the ultimate outdoor celebration, and can be enjoyed at your villa in warm weather or cold weather, and around a small fire pit just as well as a blazing bonfire. Not only that, but you can subtly and creatively avoid food prep by serving party favorites that can be cooked on the BBQ like hot dogs and sausages. For dessert: Marshmallows and s’mores. What else?

Mini-Everything Party

Small drinks, small bites, small decorations. This itty-bitty theme has big potential! Invite your guests to bring bite-sized appetizers like sweet & spicy jalapeno poppers, BLT bites, and cocktail meatballs. Ask your Assortment of mini bottles of alcoholconcierge to stock your bar with mini bottles only, and use your shot glasses as … well, regular glasses. To make sure this little party packs a BIG punch, decorate your villa with mini balloons, mini party hats, and cocktail napkins (yes, you can buy the large pack). Your guests will feel like giants at your mini-everything themed New Year’s bash – just don’t go small on your guest list. And remember, it’s called fun-size for a reason!



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