By Family, for Family: A Hilltop Home in Cabo San Lucas-1

By Family, for Family: A Hilltop Home in Cabo San Lucas

Originally designed as a breathtaking vacation getaway for the Allibone family, stunning Casa Luca is now available to Mexico-bound travelers seeking their own private escape.

With five bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms, a curved infinity swimming pool overlooking the azure sea below, and a private golden sand beach within walking distance, Casa Luca is the perfect relaxing vacation home for up to 10-member families or groups. And having such an amazing gathering spot is exactly what June and George Allibone imagined when they built their cliff-hugging escape in the exclusive Pedregal area of Cabo San Lucas. Now, they’re opening up their luxurious casa to other travelers.

June and George Allibone love to travel. They both grew up in South Africa, lived in London for a stint, travel in Europe quite frequently, and set down roots in Houston, Texas. But as their lives became busier, they found fewer opportunities to get away easily. Today, they’ve solved that problem: The duo bought land in Cabo San Lucas, built their dream home—the awe-inspiring Casa Luca—and now, make their way down to the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula about once a month to unwind.

The Allibones’ inspiration to build this private getaway came nearly two decades ago. At that time, George was running a clinic in Houston and June was studying photography in school. With little free time to travel far, the couple took advantage of June’s spring break to visit Cabo San Lucas—a popular destination that also boasted a direct flight from Houston.

While wandering Cabo’s Marina district, they struck up a serendipitous conversation with some college students, also on their spring break. The students told them about a nearby hillside town, the upscale Pedregal neighborhood, with sweeping views over the Marina. They liked what they heard enough to visit, and once they arrived, knew immediately they wanted to buy a vacation home there for their family. The couple arranged visits with a few area real estate agents, but clad in the beach clothes and flip-flops they’d brought with them on vacation, initially had a hard time finding someone who considered them serious buyers. But the duo were determined to find something. None of the homes they visited fit the bill, but there was vacant land in Pedregal where they felt an instant connection.

“As we got to the top of the mountain and looked out over the Pacific Ocean, we were both reminded of Cape Town, where we grew up. It was the ocean and the mountains all in one. It looked just like the Cape,” recalls June.

Cabo-CasaLuca-90The couple bought the land that day, then returned to Houston to interview architects who could build them their new home away from home. They found a good fit with San Antonio-based Chris Carson. Then, with the help of their daughter, an interior designer by trade, they got to work planning their home’s layout. Their goal was to have an estate that that felt open yet private—and had bought enough land so that no one was living in front of their property. Within a year they started building, beginning with excavation work to level the ground and allow them to safely construct the house’s frame on the steep mountain.

“We always imagined we’d be taking our children and grandchildren down there, so the house was built to accommodate extended family,”says June. They hadn’t really considered renting it out to others—not at first anyway. But even once it was complete, June, a nutritional counsellor, and George, a doctor, couldn’t get down to Los Cabos as often as they’d initially envisioned, leaving the house empty for long stretches. They then decided to make Casa Luca available for rent with Luxury Retreats so that vacationing families like theirs could also enjoy the property.


Luxe Living at Casa Luca

The Allibones named their newly built Los Cabos home Casa Luca, with a nod to the historic Tuscan province Lucca, a favorite region of theirs. But the home itself is distinctly American, with a dash of British. “All the furniture is unique and just about everything was shipped from Texas: Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston,” says Allibone. “There are a handful of pieces we sourced from our home in England.”

Cabo-CasaLuca-49Every room in the house has a view of the Pacific, and each bedroom has its own ensuite bathroom. “All our guests say it’s a peaceful environment with a magnificent view, and the sunsets at nighttime are just spectacular,” says June. “Personally, I love that you can always hear the ocean. What we like most is to sit on the patio after sundown and to look at the stars and the sunset. Our favorite spot is the kitchen terrace. Everyone always seems to congregate there.”

Casa Luca has hosted many meaningful events over the years. Many a couple has been married there, including the Allibone’s daughter who celebrated with more than 200 people. The Allibone’s son also visits Casa Luca every year to celebrate his birthday with friends and family.

Guests at Casa Luca enjoy daily maid and laundry service, and personal chef service can be arranged, too. One of Casa Luca’s private chefs specializes in the Paleo diet; another has an impressive resume that includes catering for the Prime Minister of Ireland and the President of Mexico. And with or without a personal chef at hand, the villa’s gourmet kitchen equips you to prepare your own delicacies at any time.

Cabo-CasaLuca-41Of course, there are plenty of chic restaurants in Cabo San Lucas to pull you away from the villa. June heaps praise on one eatery in particular: a casual shoreside spot on the Sea of Cortez called SUR Beach House. “We literally go there every single night when we’re in town. What we love most is the sunset with the pink glow in the sky, the tranquil atmosphere, and the stunning food,”she says.

And leading up to her favorite dinner spot, June details her perfect weekend at Casa Luca like this: Arise around 7 am for paddleboarding on the Sea of Cortez followed up by some relaxing reading out on Casa Luca’s kitchen terrace and a lazy lunch at home served by one of the villa’s amazing chefs. Then, walk the mountain up and down before a beachside dinner at, you guessed it, SUR. The following day, take advantage of all the great fishing and golf nearby. Cabo del Sol’s Ocean Course, designed by Jack Nicklaus and home to three of the top-rated holes in the world, is as good as it gets.