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Get the Look: Balinese Dream Bathroom

Bring a little zen to your daily shower routine

It’s the stuff dreams are made of: the privacy and comfort of a spa-like bathroom, combined with an indoor/outdoor tropical setting where the sights and sounds of nature surround you. Whether it’s soaking in the tub while a gentle breeze rustles the leafy palms at your back, or preparing for bed at night while being soothed by the starry sky, there is nothing quite like this style of bathroom at Villa Mana in Bali. Although not everyone lives in a climate that accommodates such a luxury, you can add certain elements to your home bathroom that will transport you to a far away, exotic destination. Read on for our top balinese bathroom ideas.


There’s usually two distinct categories of bathers: Those who like to soak in a tub and those who prefer to stand in a shower. If you tend to be part of the bathtub aficionados, then you already know the importance of having the perfect tub. Comfort, depth, material and size are all factors that are paramount to the perfect cleansing experience. Leave it to the Japanese, who have a history of placing great importance on the ritual of cleansing, to come up with the ultimate model. Diamond Spas’ Japanese soaking tub collection offers many custom size options, (made from either copper or stainless steel) and constructed so that you are sitting comfortably upright on a bench, all the while being fully submerged to your neck. With Feng Shui design and contemporary style, these tubs might just be the tipping point for shower lovers everywhere.


Sophisticated, sleek, timeless and functional. Those are a couple adjectives to consider when investing in a vanity for your ideal bathroom setting. For starters, if you have the space, a double sink is always a welcome feature. Not only because more than one person can get in there at a time, but there’s something very zen-like about the visual symmetry of a pair. Material is also very important, depending on whether the surface will be exposed to outdoor elements. If it is, concrete is the way to go as it weathers well and lasts longer. Trueform Concrete makes a nice selection of very simple, modern vanities in a range of finishes, mounted on wood legs and with drawers and space for storage underneath. If you want to get the Balinese bathroom look without access to the elements, consider choosing something in a material like teak (to accentuate the tropical theme) like this double sink vanity at Signature Hardware.

Frosted Glass wall

For the real sleek spa look consider glass or mirrored walls (or both, like you see here). A specialist company like Dorma will create custom panels to match your specs, or if you’d rather go in the ceramic tile direction, you’ll be spoiled for choice at places like Overstock.


Although not the most exciting feature of your dream spa bathroom, the right mirror is a pivotal piece of the room. Keeping in line with the vanity’s simple style, you can’t go wrong with this Restoration Hardware model which comes in a couple of different finishes, or this metal landscape mirror from West Elm, both sophisticated and understated.


Just like the tub, if you’re going to dream, dream big, and dream in Japanese. The hottest thing since sliced bread (in the toilet world) is the Toto toilet, a top of the line, Japanese invention that has been revolutionizing luxury bathrooms all over the world. The cult-like devotion to this brand is enough to make anyone wonder, how much can a toilet actually do? The answer is: A lot. With heated seats, a bidet, air purifying system, air dryer (sayonara toilet paper!) automatic seat, high efficiency flush, and in some models, UV light technology that eliminates bacteria, all that’s left to say is once you go Toto, there’s no turning back.

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