#NoFilter: 6 Amazingly Photogenic Spots in Europe

Unleash your Instagram talents!

Is it just us, or did Instagram seriously explode with travel envy this summer? Our favorite Instagrammers were hopping around Europe, inspiring wanderlust by getting snap-happy in gorgeous destinations. If you missed out on the chance to see some of the most picturesque places through your own lens this summer, it’s never to early to start planning for #EuroTrip Summer 2017.  Your inspiration starts here.

Amalfi Coast, Italy 

insta-amalficoast_vicere_01Some favor life at low altitudes, but we think the best way to really soak up Amalfi’s beauty is as far up on a hillside as you can reach. You can admire the mountainous landscape, and wonder how all of those homes stay balanced on top of one another. And you fall in love with the color palette that seems so effortless, yet so well-planned. It’s no wonder that Amalfi is one of the most photogenie places in the world, when you consider the pastels homes, lemon groves, blue sea and mountains that can be captured in just one frame. And, although Instagramming your dinner might be passé, the food in Positano proves beautiful presentation never goes out of style. So go ahead, share a little pic!
Photo captured at: Villa Vicere

Gstaad, Swiss Alps 

insta-swissalps_chaletlottie_03If you think the Swiss Alps are just for skiers, you haven’t seen this dreamy landscape in the summer. Awe-inspiring hills covered in green pines and little caps of snow form the horizon, punctuated only by lush green valleys. Adventure-seekers should invest in a GoPro and hike on one of Gstaad’s many, many trails (try and spot the friendly cows!), or head out on one of the mountain biking paths. The high altitudes offer a particular kind of pinch-me beauty here; as you breathe in the fresh Alpine air, the sight of clouds passing through the mountaintops will transport you to another dimension.
Photo captured at: Chalet Lottie

Mykonos, Greece 

ug-mykonos_alishanea_26Do you remember seeing photos of whitewashed homes covered in vines hanging on the walls in your local Greek restaurant as a child? And do you remember thinking that this must be some fairytale land in another world? Mykonos’ magic comes alive through the lens – and it doesn’t stop at those iconic cobblestoned streets. Whether you’re tucking into seafood on the rugged seashore or sipping coffee at a taverna, you’ll never tire of the island’s Grecian charm. When sunset hour rolls around and a sense of peace washes over the island, Mother Nature brings the best photo-op of all: golden rays bathing the sea in a stunning yellowish hue. #NoFilter necessary.
Photo captured at: Alisahnea Villa

Santorini, Greece 

ig-santorini_villaaura_01It’s no wonder Santorini is the destination of choice for honeymooners. The island has a definite romantic air, thanks to its cozy homes with their a distinct old-world essence, plus all the right luxurious touches from day spas to vineyards, not to mention the sunsets. From painted stairways that give the impression of stepping right into the Aegean, to cobalt blue rooftops set against an equally blue sky, there’s a photo-worthy scene at literally every corner in Santorini. When we’re here, we favor taking in the famous sunset from the comfort (and crowd-free) zone of our cliffside villa, where we can capture whatever surprising array of colors the sky offers up that night.
Photo captured at: Villa Aura

Provence, France 

ig-domaine-de-morueThe fragrant purple pastures of Provence draw many visitors to every summer. But there’s more to the area than those iconic lavender fields. It’s the simplicity of country life that makes Provence so alluring; you can cycle to the market to grab fresh produce, and stumble upon a storybook lake like this along the way. It’s also where historic mansions have successfully retained much of their historic charm, and many homes have a pool for you to take a refreshing dip after that leisurely bike tour. The only disadvantage? You might be so entranced by the Provençal way of life that you forget to take photos altogether.
Photo captured at: Domaine de Mauroue

Umbria, Italy 

ig-umbira_torrebisenzio_04Neighboring the famous wine region of Tuscany you’ll find Umbria, which, although lesser known for tourism than its counterpart, is equally stunning. Umbria is the only region in Italy with no coastline, so everywhere you turn you’ll see a valley, mountain or plain, which under the sunrise mists look just as gorgeous as a sparkling sea. The ancient Roman town of Carsulae will delight architecture and history lovers, or you can snap pics at the Dunarobba Fossil Forest. The quiet atmosphere in Umbria is one that has a particular way of inspiring a slower place of life – so stretch out on a terrace and take it all in, camera in hand.
Photo captured at: Torre Bisenzio

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Colleen McNamara