Summer Confidential – Where to go Skinny Dipping-1

Summer Confidential – Where to go Skinny Dipping

Secluded spots for a late night swim - would you dare to bare?

Skinny dipping brings to mind the adventurous and spontaneous times of your formative years. It’s a ritual that’s been occurring for centuries in carefree, unguarded moments. Under the radar, in the moonlight, many destinations are known for nude swimming and sunbathing. From Mexico to Spain, we rounded up beautiful destinations where you can enjoy spontaneous – and nude! – moments in paradise.


Riviera Maya, Mexico

Cenote-riviera-mayaOne of the most romantic destinations in Mexico, Riviera Maya is well-loved by couples for its white-sand beaches, lush mangroves, picturesque cenotes (underwater swimming holes) and starry night sky. Completely unspoiled, the beauty of the coastline is magnetic, where locals continue to honor the pristine natural environment. In fact, it wasn’t unusual for Mayans to go au naturel to show their respect for nature. Topless sunbathing along the beaches is not uncommon, and the bohemian-minded Tulum is a hot spot for skinny dippers thanks to its low-key ambience and “hippie” sensibilities. The real thrill is at the number of cenotes within the rainforest. These pristine spots are straight out of a storybook with azure waters, hanging vines and underwater caves. While they’re some of the most sacred places in Mexico, a nude dip (when no one is around) can be a refreshing experience.
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St Barts, Caribbean

saline-beach-st-bartsSt Barts is the St Tropez of the Caribbean. Here, famous faces anchor their yachts, sunbathe along the sprawling white beaches and dine on fresh lobster. It’s a millionaire’s hideaway where champagne and rose is drunk like water (some even bathe in champagne), and affluent travelers blow kisses in the wind. With St Barts’ highbrow French history, it’s no surprise that nude sunbathing is still practiced on several beaches (or atop a private yacht, of course). When the sun sets, plenty of visitors take to the calm sea for a refreshing skinny dip, especially at Grand Saline and Anse du Gouverneur, two secluded beaches that attract nudists from all over the world.
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Colorado, USA

colorado-lakeSure, Colorado may be landlocked, but there’s hundreds of lakes, rivers and swimming holes within the mountain landscape, all of which are perfect for a dip (among other water activities) over the summer and fall. Thanks to the remote locations and, of course, Colorado’s leftist sensibility, wearing your birthday suit is a common thrill for locals who fully love their outdoor adventures. After a long hike, cool off at Mohawk Lake in Breckenridge, and be part of the sunset at Devil’s Punch Bowl (a swimming hole) in Crested Butte. If you find yourself near Fort Collins, Horsetooth Reservoir is the jackpot of water activities (from fishing and boating to water skiing and swimming) where skinny dipping in the gloaming is a popular pastime.
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Aidipsos, Greece

Mykonos-beachAs history proves, there’s no better place in the world to be nude than Greece. The Greeks have long had a point of celebrating nakedness, combined with athleticism. In fact, the word “gymnasium” is derived from the Greek, gymnos, meaning “naked”. To this day, locals and travelers alike carry on tradition by taking nude dips. A popular spot is in Aidipsos, an ancient hot springs known for healing that everyone from Aristotle to Greta Garbo to Winston Churchill have dipped (bathing suit free!). The 80 mineral baths along the coast give plenty of options (and privacy). Over in hip party-minded Stavros and the party island of Mykonos, the beaches are so stunning (with perfect temperature Mediterranean waters) that you’ll be tempted to race in buck wild – and buck naked.
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Sitges, Spain

Sitges_BarcelonaSpaniards are famous for their relaxed attitudes to beach clothing, and in fact, there’s no regulation that makes nudity illegal, so technically you could be bareboned anywhere! Due to the lack of law, there are no “nude” beaches – just beaches – with some that are simply stunning for frolicking in your birthday suit. The majority of beachgoers will stay suited during the day, though it’s not unusual to take to the beaches at night for some skinny-dipping action, especially in more secluded areas like Alcoy near Valencia. At the beautiful beach town of Sitges near Barcelona, late-night skinny dipping with friends is the perfect way to end a vacation.
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