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Best Travel Fitness Apps

It's easy to stay active on the road if you know how

Gone are the days of giving up on exercise while traveling. With the onset of fitness apps offering guided instruction, expert advice, and GPS tracking – to name just a few features – finding a wealth of workouts at your fingertips is easier than a single sit-up. From celeb training drills to exercises you can do in your undergarments, we’ve gathered the best fitness apps for your next trip, and better yet they are all free. Here’s to wellness while you wander!

Nike+ Training Club

Bring a celeb personal trainer with you on the road with Nike Training Club. Working with some of the world’s most elite athletes and trainers, Nike+ Training Club is a feature-rich app offering more than 100 guided workouts from fitness pros, activity and running tracking, and community sharing. The best part? You can do most the drills in your underwear, meaning your suitcase just got a little lighter. Oh, and it’s free.

Travel-Savvy Fan: Jenny Cahill-Jones, Editor, Luxury Retreats Magazine. “I love that the Nike Training Club has workouts you can do in minimal space and without fancy equipment. This, combined with the clear instructions and the fact that you can play your own music while you use the app means that there’s no excuse for missing a workout, even if you’re trying to squeeze in a 30-minute session between meetings!”
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Named after the Swedish word “strive,” Strava is a free app with premium options that records and tracks your runs, walks or bike rides, and provides an online global community of runners, cyclists and triathletes with whom to share your progress.

Travel-Savvy Fan: Captain & Clark, Travel videography duo. “We try to stay active while traveling and have found Strava to be one of the most useful apps for tracking our fitness. Strava uses our smartphone’s GPS to track our running and cycling while abroad. It also includes an element of competition by letting us join challenges, as well as see the progress our friends are making back home. We’ve powered up Strava for runs around medieval castles in the Costa Brava and for cycling trips in the French countryside.”
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Daily Yoga

Stand in tree pose or do a downward dog in Bali or Barbados with the free Daily Yoga app (you can also access premium options). With yoga classes, plans and guided meditation tracks at the ready, your daily dose of zen (along with soothing music, 100+ yoga sessions, 500 poses, and various workout intensities and durations) just got a lot more accessible. Love a session? Download it to your smartphone or tablet for offline access.

Travel-Savvy Fan: Me! 
I like to travel light (read: There’s no room in my bag for bulky running shoes and head-to-toe workout garb) and love the strengthening and calming nature of yoga. Daily Yoga’s guided instruction allows me to strike a pose (or 20!) in my room, at the park, or on a beach, whether I’m in Mexico or Morocco.
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OK so it’s not technically an app, but ClassPass is an international fitness network based in major metros around the globe. With one paid montly pass you can access thousands of classes from spin to circuit training in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, London and Sydney. And, since your new travel workout BFF covers multiple cities, there’s no extra charge to take classes when you’re away from home.

Travel-Savvy Fan: Catherine Roscoe Barr, Holistic Wellness Coach, The Life Delicious
. “I discovered ClassPass after dreaming about an affordable fitness membership that let me try a huge variety of classes – from yoga to spin to bootcamp to boxing – at different studios when I’m traveling. The variety of workouts and ability to join different communities is awesome. I love planning ahead, so the app is ideal for mapping my workouts as you can search by activity, time of day and location a week ahead. Plus, putting exercise dates in my calendar means I’m more likely to stay accountable to my fitness goals.”
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