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For the Kids: 3 Fun Adventures in Turks and Caicos

Keep the little ones entertained on your next family trip

When you’re headed to Turks and Caicos, there’s no doubt you have beach on the brain. The quiet, relaxing island is surrounded some of the most picturesque stretches of sand in the world, inviting you to kick back, relax, and do a whole lot of nothing.

But we all know that the young ones in the family require a little more entertainment than a bucket and spade from time to time. Luckily, the fun-in-the-sun offerings around Turks promise you won’t waste a minute away from that picture-perfect shoreline, and the kids won’t be bored. From morning through to lights out, here’s three activities that will have the little ones begging to go back.

Under the Sea: Morning “Snuba” Dive

SeaTurtle_Like its name implies, snuba is a mixture of snorkeling and scuba diving, an ideal alternative for kids over 8 who want to try their hand at a deep dive, but aren’t quite ready for scuba certification. That’s where Jodi from Snuba Turks and Caicos comes in handy: meet her at the beach in Coral Gardens, where she’ll give you a quick 30-minute brief on what to expect.

When you dive, your air tank is secured to the snuba raft while you breathe through the mouthpiece. That means a more comfortable swim about without the weight of the equipment. You can dip as low as 20ft, where you’ll find marine life such as manta rays and sea turtles. When you’re back on dry land, be sure to stop at nearby Giggles for the island’s best ice cream cone.
Pro Tip: Don’t forget your GoPro! Trust us, you’ll want to capture this underwater fun.

A Jungle Expedition – Kayaking through the Mangroves

The island chains that make up Turks and Caicos include several uninhabited landmasses, separated by calm, shallow water channels which make for perfect kayaking conditions. To see the mangroves up close head to Big Blue Adventures in Leeward Marina. iguanas_in_turks_The team at Big Blue will take you on a guided kayak tour, explaining the surrounding ecosystems as you go. You’ll cross paths with creatures like lemon sharks, needlefish and puffer fish. Eventually, you’ll make your way to the fascinating Little Whale Cay, an uninhabited island that’s home to around 2,000 endangered rock iguanas.
Pro Tip: After kayaking, go to the weekly island fish fry, taking place on Thursdays from 5:30-9:30pm at Bight Children’s Park. Island specialties (conch!) from the best local restaurants, entertainment, and fun games included.

Ahoy, Captain! A Sunset Sail on White Sands Catamaran

A sunset sail with the whole gang is the perfect way to end your trip on a high note. White Sands is docked at Turtle Cove marina, where Captain Andy and his partner Tanya care for their stunning 42-foot yacht. sunset_sailHop aboard in the late afternoon, and you’ll find the crew has a special way of making you feel right at home. Captain Andy takes you to otherworldly deserted beaches, colorful reefs, and hidden cays. And if you’re lucky, you may cross paths with JoJo the Dolphin – Turks’ Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin who has been inhabiting the shallow waters of the island since the ’80s and loves to interact with visitors. Just as the sun’s about to set, dinner is served on the top deck. What better way to conclude the family trip of a lifetime?
Pro Tip: There’s an iPod docking system on-board too, so be sure to bring your vacation playlist aboard and listen to your tunes as you zip along.

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