Get The Look: Spanish Outdoor Living Room-1

Get The Look: Spanish Outdoor Living Room

Move the party to the patio with this Ibiza-inspired outdoor space

Want to enjoy that stylish Spanish island feeling all year round? Although the sea breezes, cava and Ibérico jamón might not be exactly the same, there’s no reason why the decor can’t be. With plenty of space to entertain, this casual living room at Villa Bali in Ibiza has all the comforts of an indoor space, with the versatility of being outdoors. Here’s how to recreate the atmosphere that will bring you right back to those long, hot summer nights in Spain.

Outdoor Sofa

This outdoor sofa spans the length of the room and acts as the central piece of furniture for this setting. The first place you or your guests will gravitate to sit, you want your sofa to be large, comfortable and designed to weather the elements. On the more affordable side of the spectrum, Ikea has a surprising amount of stylish outdoor sofas in block-like units that can be combined to form the exact shape and size you need. The Arlhoma collection combines cream cushions with a neutral base made of hand-woven plastic rattan (it looks like natural rattan but is way more durable for outdoor use). For something slightly more sleek, the 3-piece Dune sofa set from Crate and Barrel has a clean, simple design and a stainless steel frame covered in synthetic mesh. Its sofa cushions are fade- and mildew-resistant, especially important to consider if you’re room is exposed to sunlight, or hot, humid temperatures.

Wicker Chairs

These accent wicker chairs can serve several purposes, depending on what style you go with. They can be part of a dining set and serve as extras that you keep in the lounge area (and only add to the table when you need them), or you can go with a more living room style chair that’s lower and wider. If you want to go with the latter option, Pottery Barn’s Torrey all-weather wicker-effect chairs are a perfect fit. With a higher seat and square arms, these chairs will look equally as good on their own as they would around an outdoor dining table. The synthetic wicker is built for all weather conditions (including cold) and the cushions are water resistant, always a plus for rain – and spills. Williams Sonoma offers a lower club chair that’s more suited to lazing about (think: casually draping your legs over one side while sipping a glass of sangria).

Coffee Table

The coffee table with its natural root forms feels very Gaudi-esque, which works in Ibiza, but may not be everyone’s cup of…cava. If big, artistic and bold is what you’re after, you might want to seek out something custom made from a company like Rotsen. If that’s not your jam, head to the North American mecca of fine quality, large furniture, Restoration Hardware. Since this is an outdoor room, it’s probably best to stick to an outdoor specific piece, and there are many tasteful models here, plus plenty of size options to choose from. The Belgian Trestle concrete and teak model is understated and chic, or go for something very mod, like this 70s inspired Anselm stone block made of Fiberstone – a blend of fiberglass, polyester resin and stone that has the look of stone but is lighter in weight. If faux-stone is not your thing, the Marbella table made of aluminum is minimal and timeless.

Pendant Light

Just like the coffee table, the light fixture in this room can be as big and wild, or as simple and clean as you like. If you want something that’s going to act as a central piece and stop the show when people walk in the room, the larger and more elaborate, the better. But this doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank to get the look. Anthropologie has a lot of cool options, like their Biarritz chandelier made of metal and shells (perfect for a seaside location) that will give off a warm, white glow, or the Belfry brass, antique-style pendant light with a very Arabesque feel, made with woven glass beads—quintessentially bohemian.  One last option that feels as earthy as the surrounding outdoors, the Rhododendron chandelier is at the same time natural and otherworldly.

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