High Points: 5 Incredible Rooftop Decks

There's room for relaxation on top of the world...

Nothing makes a breathtaking view better than enjoying it from your own private rooftop deck. From Italy to Costa Rica to California, whether you’re on the market for a drawn-out dinner close to the stars, or you want to watch the sunrise while sipping espresso, look no further than these impressive vantage points.

Villa Affresco, Amalfi Coast

Here, the sweeping views encompass the Mediterranean and the iconic hillside of Positano. From this angle, look down at the rows of charming homes atop one another, and feel the rich history around you (the terraced mansion dates back to the 18th century). Whether you favor Villa Affresco for its stunningly elegant interiors or its three sun-drenched terraces, there’s no doubt you’ll feel on top of the world.
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Luna, Costa Rica

The rooftop deck isn’t the only place you’ll enjoy panoramic ocean views. Luna’s ultra-contemporary, open concept style brings the outside in with floor-to-ceiling glass windows and an airy open concept. Although the stainless steel appliances, state-of-the-art entertainment systems and minimalism say “modern marvel”, the tropical splendor of Costa Rica is never forgotten at Luna.

Blu Santa Monica, Santa Monica

What better way to reach the top than a private glass elevator? Situated directly on the beach, Blu’s avant-garde architecture and detailed modern finishes strike the perfect balance of sleek and cozy. Bright sunshine radiates through the entire condo, summoning you up to the rooftop area, where you’ll find a cushiony daybed, hot tub, dining area, and even a retractable canopy – just in case the Cali sunshine is burning a little too bright.

San Marco Modern, Miami

Step inside a contemporary work of art at this waterfront mansion. When you’re not taking in the ocean and city views from plush leather couches, enjoy the warmth of the sunshine state on the chaise lounges, edging the infinity pool and boat dock. This retreat is perfect for for those seeking a balance between privacy and urban attractions; enjoy a quiet dinner on the roof, then zip over to downtown – just minutes away – for a taste of Miami’s vibrant nightlife.
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Ani North, Anguilla 

Perched above rugged cliffs on Anguilla, the rooftop deck at Ani North may be the highest lookout point on the entire island. Bask in the crystal blue hues of the water that match the sunny sky, and take in the total relaxation that’s guaranteed from having your very own full-time staff. When you’re not playing tennis or relaxing in your cliff-edge hot tub, sit back and take in the views with your favorite book on this high-flying rooftop deck.
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Colleen McNamara