Mastering the Art of Carry On-1

Mastering the Art of Carry On

How to pack for two weeks in Thailand with one cabin-sized bag

Thailand is a wonderful, diverse country, from the humming city streets to palatial temples and serene, white-sand beaches. When packing for this multi-faceted country, it is best to approach the journey with a tropical mindset and versatile objective. Besides the essential bikini, sun hat, flowy clothing, and sunglasses, these foolproof tips will help you master the art of traveling light when heading east.

Invest in Smart Luggage

Often we focus solely on the exterior appeal versus the interior features and functionality of a carry-on bag. For the last decade I’ve sworn by packing cubes to keep organized, although now Tumi’s International Carry On Luggage has zip compartments already built-in, so you’re set without adding additional weight. Once you invest in a smart, spinner carry on you will smoothly maneuver through the airports and aisles. And remember the trick of always rolling your clothes!

Think Double Duty and Layer!

You can never layer enough – and yes, it is possible to do so without appearing disheveled. On board, opt for a light cardigan and collared button-up for polish and pair with a modern jogger pant and pashmina or scarf. I adore the versatile herringbone Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf, (I find neutrals are key to looking effortless), and as it doubles as a travel blanket. Your stylish joggers will also be a necessity when visiting temples, as women must keep covered up. Nike Flyknits feel like cozy socks in-flight and double as your active shoe at your destination. Lastly, consider a well-fitted Muji Travel Pillow which unclips to form a lumbar support.

Join the Hands Free Revolution

A tote tends to be the go-to as a personal item when traveling, but I’m loving my buttery leather backpack designed by Sofia Protti as the chic option for my trip to Asia. It’s similar to the idea of a hands-free messenger bag although it holds more and looks more stylish. Inside, pack a smaller purse for evenings, and keep hydrated by tossing in a water bottle, camera, and even space-saving Turkish towel for beach lazing. The lightweight towel doubles as a sarong or an extra in-flight scarf.

Prepare to Self-Care

Complex cuisine is in Thailand’s DNA, so be ready to wander astray from your typical, western diet. Consider packing digestive enzymes, Ciprofloxacin (available with prescpription), and vitamin B complex to ensure prevention, or a smooth recovery from any tummy troubles. I’m also obsessed with my individually packaged Herban Pure Essential Oil Towelettes with eucalyptus, great for makeup removal, a mid-flight boost, and overall cleanliness. Pair with an Origins Active Charcoal Face Mask Pod upon arrival and you will be defeating jet lag in no time. Once your toes sink in the sand, sip from a freshly cracked coconut for the ultimate hydration.

Go Natural (or Cheat)

Ladies, leave your hair appliances at home and cheat the humidity abroad. Opt for a keratin treatment pre-getaway or drop in to a salon in Thailand. It’s very affordable to get a wash and dry and you might even receive a neck massage. For the carefree beach look, I always pack Coconut Sheer Oil by Kopari and use as a skin moisturizer, de-frizzer and natural wave booster. Lastly, less is more when it comes to your beauty routine so pack Giorgio Armani’s SPF Brightening CC Moisturizer. It will take you from day to night and will keep your skin looking dewy.

Where to stay in Thailand

Products pictured: Tumi Tegra-Lite Max International Expandable Carry On in Fossil Brown, Nike Free 4.0 Flyknits, Gap Jersey Jogger Pants in Black, Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf in Heathered Herringbone, Muji Travel Pillow, Sofia Cuero Papel & Tijera by Sofia Protti Travel Backpack in Miel, Striped Turkish Towel by Turkish T, Pedro Garcia Crystal Strappy Thong,Tumi Travel Wallet in French Blue, SoDeMel Swim The Macrame, Herban Essentials Towelettes, Kopari Coconut Sheer Oil, Giorgio Armani’s SPF Brightening CC Moisturizer, Cloth & Stone Chambray Shirt Dress, Origins Active Charcoal Face Mask Pod