Fine Dining and Fast Cars at Miami Supercar Rooms-1

Fine Dining and Fast Cars at Miami Supercar Rooms

Get up close and personal with some of the coolest cars in the world

For exotic car connoisseurs, a visit to Miami SuperCar Rooms is a heart stopping experience, not only for the chance to get up close and personal with some of the rarest autos in the world. The 15,000 square foot gallery of 16 of the world’s sexiest auto masterpieces is also a late night, haute boite for the stylish club set and a destination for gourmet dining.

The giant automotive art gallery, with its 40-foot long bar and DJ booth constructed in the back of a classic customized Chevy pick up truck, is full of swanky and rare cars that glitter like gems in a giant jewel box. The collection includes pieces such as a 1958 Maserati 450 S white and blue racing car, a 1939 orange Lincoln Zephyr crouching like a lithe jungle animal and an electric blue 2007 Shelby Ultimate Aero TT with its doors flung open like wings on a futuristic metallic bird.

This opulent auto immersive experience is combined in a most unusual way with gourmet dining. Every month a different Miami chef creates a menu for the lucky car enthusiasts who have three thousand dollars to burn in one glorious night of cars and cuisine. That jaw-dropping price includes a five-course dinner for six of your favorite friends at a table so close to the gallery’s flashy cars that between courses guests can pause to caress or even start the engine of the nearby automotive treasure. A knowledgeable server (called an “Associate”) guides you through your dinner like Maine Lobster in Passion Fruit Beurre Blanc Fondue or some other extravagant culinary confection. The Associate is also the go-to for everything you want to know about your table’s vehicle or any of the surrounding showpieces such as the original white 1988 Ferrari Testarossa (as used in “Miami Vice”) or the 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 (as used in “Back To The Future”).

The concept for this one-of-a-kind auto art gallery cum night spot is the brainchild of a Cameroon-born, British former fashion model, entrepreneur and car collector who goes by the single name Elo (like Cher, or Prince). He is the creator of the London Motor Museum and a car customizer and consultant to sports and entertainment royalty on several continents. Later in the evening the venue’s bar, with the likes of Miami’s DJ Irie or Spain’s duo, Chus & Ceballos spinning tracks, is a glam destination for Elo’s fan base, a crew that includes the likes of sports figures wide-receiver, Michael Floyd, race car drivers like Pablo Montoya and, of course Miami’s runway regulars arm-in-arm with the buzziest names on the billionaire circuit.

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Images: Miami Supercar Rooms