Marcus Troy Takes on Coachella

Why the Desert Festival Should be on your Bucket List

Indio, California has become known as the “City of Festivals”, the biggest one being Coachella, a music and arts festival that is held annually during the second and third weekend of April. Thanks to the warmth that Indio experiences year-round, it’s one of the best festival destinations in the US.

After our first experience Coachella this year, we’re convinced that it’s one of those trips everyone should take at least once in their life. It’s like our modern day Woodstock; the energy, good vibes, and the fashion all bring to mind the famous 1960s festival. Furthermore, the art installations are incredible and when they light up at night, you will feel like you are in some kind of mystical realm.

Speaking of fashion, the “festival fashion” at Coachella is amazingly diverse. We spotted bohemian, Native American, early 90’s inspired outfits and more! We particularly loved the vintage band T-shirts and the sunglasses that can came in all shapes and sizes. If there is one tip we can give you for next year, it’s to dress appropriately and stay hydrated!

Coachella_performanceAt this year’s Coachella, we got the chance to see some of our favorite artists like Vic Mensa, Action Bronson, Azealia Banks and of course, Drake. The festival is also a great time to discover new artists!

What is also incredible is that despite being so large, Coachella can be very intimate. Everyone is there simply for the love of music and art. There is also a sense of community within the camping grounds. If you’re more into having the VIP experience, Coachella has that too. Overall, you’ll have better access to amenities, seating areas, and will spot many celebrities. Additionally, there are some pretty epic parties that are being held in-and-around the valley. If you get invited to one, you should not miss out!

Where to Stay for Coachella

Photographs: Naskademini
Marcus Troy