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Get The Look: Mexican-Style Living Room

How to ease into south-of-the-border serenity

Having a huge, bright, high-ceilinged living room with ample space to entertain, sprawl, relax or unwind is many people’s dream. Add two sliding glass walls that give way to an incredible view of the ocean lapping the shore, and you’ve officially arrived in paradise. With the warm tropical breeze drifting through the living room, this is a taste of pure Mexican bliss. Recreate the style of Casa Aramara right in your very own home, ocean view optional.

Sleek Modular Sofas

For clean lines and an easy, unfussy addition to any communal living space, sleek, armless sofas offer versatility and a structural openness that is a perfect match for a large, open-plan living space. There are many different models of this popular style, with lots of choice in terms of size, material and depth. For an ultra-sleek version, Camerich makes it as easy as picking a size, style and color at the click of a button. Restoration Hardware’s modular Maxwell model lets you build exactly to size preference, customizing the configuration of your choice, whereas Anthropologie’s slouchy, lower silhouette is effortlessly boho-chic.

Patterned Love Seat

The perfect way to offset clean lines and neutral colors is to add a splash of color, pattern or both. If you have the space to mix and match sofas, adding this eclectic component to a room is a fun, bold move. Although there are a lot of pattern and color options on the market, West Elm has affordable, classic combinations that will weather the test of time (and fashion). This Sutton Sofette has a chic demeanor and fun splatter print for a beach house vibe, the Urban Sofa in a painted, regal blue stripe adds something subtle without getting too busy, or for a taste of mid century style, there’s the Monroe Sofa in a blue lagoon honeycomb print.

Coffee table

When working with a large space, a sizeable statement table might be just what your living room is craving. Perfect to ground the space around your seating area (or areas), this Mexican casa goes for an organic approach with two tree-trunk tables. As reclaimed wood and recycled materials continue to be all the rage in home design, finding something is easy, although quality, style and sizes vary. For a custom look, Rosten Furniture makes organic, eco-friendly, one of a kind pieces like these wood slabs that can sit on the floor or be mounted on legs or a stand. For a more streamlined look, their Retalho model is sophisticated and clean. If contemporary (and accessible) is what you’re after, this mahogany, hand-crafted, drum-like piece from Crate and Barrel might warm up the room, or opt for this multi-faceted patina-finished design from Anthropologie.

Table Lamps

When dealing with large spaces, lighting is a key component. Ceiling lights and pot lighting (on dimmers!) help soften the mood, but table lamps add warmth and a charming element of design. Why not add a little gold and glam to this Mexican inspired setting with the striking Pottery Barn hammered brass Nori models for a antiquated effect? If silver’s more your style, try these Elin etched metal lamps for a similar, shiny look. Not feeling the bling? Keep it subtle with the Courtney soft sea foam colored, ceramic table lamps, distressed, painted and glazed by hand.

Mosaic Tile Wall Art

There is a long history of mosaics in Latin America, which makes it unsurprising that a lot of homes incorporate these elements into their design. These types of tiles don’t have to be restricted to kitchens and bathrooms though, so why not do something similar to Casa Aramara and source large, mosaic wall art installations? If galleries are intimidating, skip the storefronts and go straight to the artists with Saatchi Art. Like Etsy for the art world, you can buy directly from the artists, and even seek out customized pieces. For a more DIY approach, buy authentic Mexican tiles and make your very own mosaic art from scratch!

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