Notes From… A Honeymoon in Whistler, Canada

What better way to unwind after a wedding than a trip to the mountains?

Wedding planning is stressful. While the ‘big day’ always turns out to be magical, oftentimes the newlyweds are in some serious need of R&R afterward. Which is why taking an immediate, quiet honeymoon to a remote location is just what the doctor ordered for Villa Specialist Sarah Rose Walder and her husband Nick after their nuptials. Immediately after the wedding the two stepped on a plane from Montreal to Vancouver, and took the stunning drive up Highway 1 to reach Totem Chalet in Whistler. Here, Sarah looks back on her honeymoon in 10 questions. 

sarah-whistler1. Ah! The first moment of vacation! Do you have a ritual?

I think vacation officially begins at the airport, so I always have a nice glass of red wine before boarding my flight (no matter what time it is!)

2. What was your favorite thing about your honeymoon villa, Totem Chalet?

I would have to say the views: there’s amazing scenery overlooking the mountains and the surrounding golf course greens. The stereo system throughout the home and outside is also top-notch.

3. Anything from the chalet you wish you could take back home with you?

Yes! The kitchen appliances. It was amazing making dinner in that kitchen, I felt like a top chef! Aside from that, the master bedroom has an amazing rustic rock shower – I’d take that too if I could.

whistler-quarry-14. What’s one experience a traveler in Whistler can’t miss?
I would say riding the Peak 2 Peak Gondola. The Gondola runs year round, and it’s truly a breathtaking experience. It holds the world record for longest free span between towers (3.03 kilometres) and is the highest point above the ground (1,430 feet!) And, this goes without saying, if you’re visiting in the winter you have to try skiing or snowboarding! Whistler has arguably the most spectacular runs in North America.

5. Name the theme song to your vacation. 

Miss Broadway by Belle Epoque.

6. Did you tick off any “bucket list” items while you were there?

Yep, I got married and went on my honeymoon… Check!

whistler-_totemchalet_247. Did you have any vacation reads?

I read The Pocket Wife by Susan Crawford.

8. What’s one thing you never leave home without?

When I’m going on vacation I always take my wallet and credit cards. Yes, I love to shop!

9. When you look back on this vacation in 10 years, what will you remember most?

The drive up to Whistler from Vancouver, the incredible views from Totem Chalet, and the brave little blue jay who came to hang out with us everyday on the balcony.

10. Where are you off to next?

We are heading to New York to watch the Jets take on the Seahawks… and then it’s anybody’s guess!

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Colleen McNamara