On the Pulse: What’s New in Travel This Week-1

On the Pulse: What’s New in Travel This Week

Ever wondered how to get one million airline points?

Woman Gives Birth To Baby Girl on Flight From Dubai to Manila

cebu-airA woman gave birth on an 8-hour journey from Dubai to Manila, Philippines last week. Luckily two nurses happened to be on board and were able to help. The baby, named Haven, was born four hours into the flight, which rerouted to India for Mom and baby to receive medical attention. Prior to reaching solid ground, however, passengers aboard lent a helping hand, donating baby clothes and blankets from their own families. The silver lining? Haven was gifted one million Cebu Pacific Airline points – valued at $109,000 – to use in her lifetime. We predict the little one will be quite the globetrotter!

Bottled Water is the Most Purchased Item at Airports, By A Landslide 

hudson-newsAccording to a new report released by Hudson News (the United States’ biggest airport retailer with nearly 1,000 stores), it’s clear that travelers’ tastes are rather simple on the road. The major concern? Hydration. Research on top purchases at the stores last year shows that water sizes and brands were the top five most popular items, with Dasani coming in at number one, followed by Smart Water. The snack of choice was Peanut M&M’s followed by Diet Coke. For reading materials, flyers favor The Wall Street Journal over any other newspaper, and their favorite book was Tina Fey’s Bossypants. The Fung Business Intelligence Center predicts that the global travel retail market will be valued at a whopping $85 billion by 2020.

Introducing The NodPod, Your New Favorite Travel Accessory 

Nod1In the era of motorized luggage and scarves that make you invisible, it seems that gadgets designed to make our journey more comfortable are only getting better and better. Such is the case with the new NodPod, which creators claim will make you as comfortable as your own bed, while staying in an upright position. That’s a bold claim by the company, but might just be true. Here’s how it works: you hook the apparatus to the back of your seat (plane or car), and then place your head into a padded support (The Telegraph cheekily described it as a “hammock for your head”.) Then, you can adjust the padded support to fit your face and doze off. Although it might look a little strange, if it means catching some z’s on the go, we’re all for it.

Images: NodPod; Masuti; cleanfotos/shutterstock


Colleen McNamara