8 Reasons to Choose Pearl Estate for a Family Vacation-1

8 Reasons to Choose Pearl Estate for a Family Vacation

Uninterrupted ocean views that just might bring you to tears

The Pearls of Long Bay are among Turks and Caicos’ finest properties available for rent. The luxuriously modern indoor-outdoor design makes vacation living a breeze, and a level of service that can’t be measured with stars alone has proven to be coveted by the stars that rent this Long Bay gem.

1. Personalized Service

“At the Pearls, our whole raison d’être is delivering personalized service for our guests so they never forget their stay on Turks and Caicos,” says Aleisa Goddard, the villa’s General Manager. That means that every guest staying at Pearl has access to two private chefs cooking up anything you ask for, from Asian to American to Mediterranean. It also means you have at your disposal a butler and housekeeper, both on hand to ensure everything is just the way you like it and you never have to lift a finger.

2. Exclusive Beach Access

Long Bay Beach is special because of its uniquely calm and shallow waters. You can walk out 20 feet without the water touching your knees. And people are few and far between; you can walk for miles down the shore without seeing anyone. “You have the island to yourself when you’re in Long Bay,” says Goddard. The only thing separating Pearl Estate from the beach is a long, wooden staircase. At the bottom, you can lounge on a chaise longue in the sun, or you can catch some shade on a covered daybed.

Pearl Estate in Turks and Caicos

3. Celebrity Status

The Pearls come with a stamp of approval from many high-profile guests. For her 19th birthday, Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Kylie Jenner, along with her sister Kendall, made Pearl Estate home. A few months later, rapper Nicki Minaj celebrated her 34th birthday there. Why do celebrities love Pearl so much? “We allow them to be themselves and give them the space they need to relax,” says Goddard. “When they’re at Pearl, no one knows they’re there because it’s so secluded and we work hard to guard their privacy.”

4. Get Pampered

Is there anything you look forward to more on your vacation than your daily massage? Us either. At Pearl Estate, the massage comes to you. In a cozy outdoor nook, the alfresco massage pavilion table is partially shaded to allow for a cool breeze to kiss your skin while a professional masseuse works out the kinks. When you need to detox, you can relax in the sauna or Turkish steam room and sweat it all out. Sounds like Kardashian treatment to us!

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5. Pure Privacy

Long Bay is an exclusive residential area in Turks and Caicos known for high-end villas. Pearl Estate is quiet and secluded, and each of its three properties has its own private gated entrance. “It’s a jewel that, when you’re on the property, it seems like no one knows about,” Goddard says. “It’s there for you to discover.” Whether you’re hanging by the pool, soaking in your hot tub, or enjoying an alfresco dinner, you’ll always feel like you and your family are the only ones around.

6. Activities Galore

There’s never a shortage of things to do at the Pearls. You could spend the day out on the water with provided jet skis. You could explore the rest of the island on kayaks or stand up paddleboards. Or you could organize a family tournament on the tennis or basketball court. Young kids will never get bored either; the Pearls has a playground with a slide, a swingset, and other park toys.

Pearl Estate in Turks and Caicos

7. Family Reunions Encouraged

Pearl Estate is perfect for hosting family reunions, which sometimes have a hard time finding accommodations that can host their large group all under one roof. With the ability to sleep 54 people, the Pearls can host just about any big gathering. “One guest told me when they checked into Pearl it was like time had stopped,” says Goddard. “They were able to enjoy each other, reflect on old times, and just be a family again before resuming their busy schedules. Pearl is a place where guests reflect on their gratitude and come together as a family. Guests always tell me it’s the best family trip they’ve ever had.”

8. Unbroken Views

When guests arrive at the Pearls, they approach a lush garden full of flowers planted by the owner. Goddard greets the guests and gives them a tour of the property. Before taking guests inside, she shows off the villa’s sophisticated indoor-outdoor living, starting with the tennis court and the basketball court. She always ends the outdoor portion of her tour the same way: at the first-level entrance beside the pool. Facing the ocean, the white sand, and the crystal clear water, this vantage gives guests the overview of the entire property. “It always takes their breath away,” she says. “One guest actually cried. When we got to that spot, they just said ‘Oh my goodness’. It looks like a picture.”

Visit Turks and Caicos’ Family-Friendly Pearl Estate