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The Perfect Romantic Getaway: From Santorini With Love

Myth has it that a fistful of dust fell onto the sea creating Santorini. The reality? An entrancing summer destination for couples

What is it about Santorini that’s so romantic? Whether it’s the whitewashed stone walls crowding up against an azure sky, or the incredibly clear blue sea and remarkable South Aegean sunsets, this charming island promises an idyllic summer vacation.

You’ll create lasting memories with your loved one on lazy afternoons wandering the charming villages, and long summer nights watching the lights twinkle in the hillside. Whether you’re a sun worshipper, wine lover or professional daydreamer, this slice of heaven on earth won’t disappoint.

So grab your passport, your swimsuit, camera and special someone—from sunrise at Perissa Beach to sunset in Oia, here’s our guide to the romantic experiences waiting for you on Santorini.

Sunrise at Perissa Beach

Not many things are worth a 5:30am wake up call, but witnessing the sunrise at Perissa Beach is one of them. Perissa is considered one of the best beaches on the island, which means it can get busy later in the day, so a visit to Perissa Beach in the early morning is ideal. What’s more the black sand can get very hot later in the day. Start your day off with a bracing dip in the Aegean followed by a breakfast picnic.

Wine Tasting at Santo Wines

Sitting atop the cliff edge, the sprawling 4000 acre vineyard at Santo Wines is the biggest on the island. Their state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly winery is celebrated for its Assyritko white variety—the dry conditions of Santorini favor sweet grapes, making aromatic, full-bodied whites with high acidity. The winery offers vineyard tours, wine tastings accompanied with light snacks and the piece de resistance—an incredible terrace with panoramic views where you can relax with a glass of your favorite variety.

Couples Massage at Caldera Spa 

Caldera Spa offers special romantic couple’s treatments in their atmospheric stone-walled rooms. The classic Caldera Massage is a one-hour, 45-minute full body treatment using Swedish, Californian and Ayurvedic therapies, focusing on acupressure points to energize the body and strengthen the nervous system. Or, test out the Santorini Massage with Volcanic Hot Stones, where the thermotherapy is intended to improve circulation. If you don’t want to waste a minute being away from the blue Santorini skies, the spa has just introduced open-air treatments on their Kastro Sunset Terrace directly facing the sea. Perfect timing.

Volcano Visit

A trip to the (dormant) volcano not only guarantees a picturesque experience, but an entirely rewarding one too: you can combine the fascinating scenery with a visit to the natural hot springs. If you’re feeling energetic, try a guided hiking tour; the expert guides will explain the science behind volcanoes, promising a mini-crash course while you’re at it. Afterward, hop into a natural mud bath to soothe your sun-kissed skin.

Sunset in Oia

Those who’ve witnessed the sunset in Oia claim it’s one of the best natural displays they’ve ever seen. Situated on the northwestern tip of the island, the town of Oia is 150 metres above sea level, allowing for uninterrupted views as the sun begins its descent, creating a colourful natural light show. The Byzantine Castle Ruins have a designated sunset lookout point, or you can try the legendary Kastro restaurant and test out their menu filled with local mediterranean delights, from simple feta cheese with olive oil and oregano to grilled lamb filets with tangy lemon sauce.

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Photographs: Elina Manninen; Ian Woolcock, Patryk Kosmider /Shutterstock

Colleen McNamara