On the Pulse: What’s New in Travel This Week-1

On the Pulse: What’s New in Travel This Week

High volumes in Europe and lava flowing on Big Island

Motorists in France Warned to Prepare for Serious Traffic This Weekend

traffic-in-france-1Last weekend, travel conditions in France were cause for frustration for many flocking to their vacation destination, as additional security checks meant up to 15 hours of traffic delays occurring on several main highways, and backing up into the UK port of Dover. Conditions are expected to improve slightly this weekend, moving from a “black” status to “red” status, according to the Centre National d’Information Routiere. The CNDR has recommended that, if possible, motorists opt for a Sunday departure instead of Saturday to help alleviate some of the road congestion.

The Telegraph reported that roughly 400,000 holidaymakers ventured to France from the UK last weekend alone, colliding with the period known as “les jours de grand departs” (the days of great departure) for the French. This weekend might be a good time to opt for the “scenic route” you’ve been  meaning to try rather than a busy highway. You can also check out the CNDR’s maps that offer recommended alternatives for holidaymakers.

New Lava flow at Kilauea Volcano on Big Island

lava-big-island-smallThings are heating up in the ocean around Big Island, thanks to a 6.5 mile-long lava flow spilling from the island’s famous Kilauea Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. The lava began to flow in May, and reached the Pacific last week for the first time in three years. The United States Geological Survey reported that the flow into the ocean spans about 65 ft, spilling over a cliff before reaching the water. As part of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Kiluea is one of the biggest attractions on Big Island, and adventure seekers are particularly keen on getting a glimpse of this rare natural wonder. Even more rare is an apparent smiley face that formed in the lava this week and subsequently went viral.

It’s Going to Be A Record Year for Tourism in Spain 

street-congestion-in-madridSpain’s National Statistics Institute reported on Friday that the country has welcomed a cool 33 million tourists from January to June this year. According to Skift, this 12 percent increase from last year is a result of fears linked to the extremist recent attacks in France, which usually takes the crown as the most visited country in Europe. Spain’s tourists are comprised mostly of Europeans, with Britons making up eight million of the 33, and Germans five million. Spain is on pace to beat last year’s record-setting number of welcoming 68 million visitors.

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