7 Travel Trends for Summer 2017-1

7 Travel Trends for Summer 2017

This is what you need to know about vacationing this season

While summer officially begins in June, it’s never too early to start thinking about it and of course planning this season’s vacations. When the warm weather hits and schools let out, we’re officially in summer getaway mode. Here are the top travel trends of what promises to be a summer unlike any other.

Top Destination in Europe

Lagos, Portugal

Travel-Trends-Lagos-PortugalAttention: Portugal is having its moment. Portugal is to summer 2017 what Iceland was to summer 2016, and Thailand to summer 2015. For nature, history, and wine, there’s nothing new about the allure of Portugal. For our top trending city, we go down to the Algarve and pick out Lagos, a city that’s been on the rise for several years now. Yet, this summer is when it has seemingly hit a breaking point. A great reason to go now: Airfare is 24% cheaper than it was last summer. We know we wish we were posted up at one of its many beach bars right now!

Runners-up: Malaga, Spain; Paros, Greece; Provence, France

Top Destination in Caribbean

U.S. Virgin Islands

Travel-Trends-U.S-Virgin-IslandsAmericans don’t even need a passport for this one. In 2017, USVI celebrates its Centennial, so what better time to join in on the celebration?! The trio of islands includes St. John, St. Thomas, and St. Croix, and each is more spectacular than the next. In St. John, you’re far from civilization as more than half the island is made up of a national park. If you have to do one thing in St. Thomas, it’s taking the Skyride 700 feet up for a view of the entire city. For the most relaxing of the three islands, St. Croix is your choice.

Runners-up: Anguilla; Oahu, Hawaii; Turks and Caicos

Top Destination in North America

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Travel-Trends-Jackson-Hole-WyomingJackson Hole has roots as a ski town, but this summer it’s definitely on traveler’s radars for so many reasons. How about the most visible solar eclipse ever? That’s right, in August 2017 there will be a total solar eclipse over America and only a handful of states will be able to see it. Jackson, Wyoming is in prime position inside the eclipse track, meaning for one night in August, your eyes will have access to something few others will. Is that worth scheduling a vacation around? You’re darn right it is!

Runners-up: Palm Springs, California; Montreal, Quebec; Miami, Florida

Music Festival to be Seen At

Governors Ball (New York, New York)

Anyone who’s anyone will be at Governors Ball Music Festival in New York City this year. As unbelievable as it might sound, there wasn’t always a good music festival option in NYC, shocking for a city so densely populated and so esteemed for its music and arts scene. But Gov Ball has filled the void, and since debuting in 2011 has taken off thanks to A-list performers like Drake, Deadmau5, Kanye West, Outkast, and Guns N’ Roses. This year, up and comers like Chance the Rapper, Banks and Dua Lipa join superstars like Lorde and Wu-Tang Clan. Surprise appearances are always possible too!

Runners-up: Tomorrowland (Boom, Belgium); Lollapalooza (Chicago, Illinois); Bonnaroo (Manchester, Tennessee)

Food Worth Traveling For

Poke in Hawaii

Travel-Trends-Poke-Bowl-HawaiiIt’s no secret that food is a huge part of every vacation, and can often be the most memorable part of it. Heck, we know that some of you plan your trips around certain food. So what will be the culinary experience people will be traveling for this summer? By now, we think we’re safe in assuming you’ve heard of Poke (pronounced poh keh). If you haven’t, first of all, what are you still doing reading this? Go get yourself a bowl! Second, here’s what you need to know: Poke is a Hawaiian raw fish salad served in a bowl as an appetizer or entree. Typically, it will consist of tuna, octopus, raw salmon, or shellfish. This latest food craze has made its way across North America quickly, but true poke champions know it’s most authentic form is found in its birthplace of Hawaii. Poke, man? Go!

Runners-up: Paella in Spain; Poutine in Canada; Tacos in Mexico

Best Type of Travel

Transformational Travel

What is transformational travel you ask? Allow me to explain. As our world becomes smaller and more places become more accessible, travelers are looking for more than just a visit to a foreign destination. Last year’s biggest travel trend was ‘experiential travel’, meaning vacationers wanted to dive into native cultures and interact with locals. (Think Airbnb’s Don’t Go There, Live There campaign.) This summer, in what we think is more than just a one-year blip on the radar, travelers are looking to see the world through new lenses, self-reflect, and connect with nature and culture in new places in order to self-develop and self-improve. We think this one is here to stay.

Runners-up: Bleisure; Eco-Tourism; Private islands

Most Popular Vacation Activity

City biking

Travel-Trends-Citi-Bikes-NYCOne of our favorite ways to explore a new city is on our own two wheels. Biking a new city not only gives you a fresh perspective compared with a walking or bus tour, it provides exercise that can be tough to squeeze in on a tight vacation schedule. North American cities are catching up to their already mega-bikeable European counterparts with initiatives like New York City’s Citi Bike, Montreal’s Bixi, and Indianapolis Cultural Trail. Ride-sharing services and reserved cycling trails and lanes are popping up in droves. This summer, any city vacation has to include bicycling as one of its preferred modes of transportation.

Runners-up: Glamping; Craft-Beer Brewery Hopping; Last-Minute Getaways