Vacation like a Celebrity at Casa Aramara

Next-level luxury in Punta Mita, Mexico

Ever dreamed of having anything you want at the push of a button? At Casa Aramara, that’s the reality. All 12 bedrooms in the estate literally have an “anything” button, just in case a late-night hankering for champagne and caviar strikes.

This level of service seems like it’s only within reach of celebrities. And if you flip through Casa Aramara’s guestbook, that idea begins to make sense. Aramara is the destination of choice for the entire Kardashian clan, and starlets such as Jennifer Aniston, Vince Vaughn and John Mayer. But what’s special about this place is that, although famous clients are the norm, you don’t have to be a red-carpet regular to enter. The doors are open for any discerning traveler (and big dreamer) to enjoy.

casaaramara_1This May, Luxury Retreats’ Senior Villa Specialist Levi Hoffman, went down to Punta Mita to see what all Casa Aramara fuss was about. Along for the fun was his wife, Heidi, and their 4-year-old son, Noah. The family landed in Puerto Vallarta – about 30 minutes from the villa – and the 5-star service started right away.

They deplaned to find an S-Class Mercedes waiting to whisk them to Los Ranchos, the exclusive gated community where you’ll find Casa Aramara. “The gates to the mansion opened and revealed this incredibly lush jungle oasis and ocean view. When we stepped out of the car, butlers were waiting with cool towels and cocktails” smiles Levi, remembering the first of countless ‘Is this real life?’ moments.

Built by media mogul Joe Francis, from the impeccable grounds to the dreamy bedrooms and chic living areas, Casa Aramara’s design is impressive through and through. Palapas and local artefacts give the home a playful Mexican flair, while its interiors strike a delicate balance of chic, comfortable, and upscale, promising visitors feel cozily at home, yet worlds away from reality, all at once.

Levi and his family, like most Casa Aramara guests, spent almost every waking moment outdoors. “There’s a basketball court, tennis court, and jet skis. Not to mention three pools and a hot tub. I spent pretty much every afternoon mastering my jet ski skills, and Heidi and Noah switched between the pool and beach” remembers Levi. “Oh, and about the beach!” says Levi, “It’s like the Caribbean landed in this little cove in the Pacific Ocean. It’s just spectacular.”

“It’s like the Caribbean landed in this little cove in the Pacific Ocean. It’s just spectacular”

Little Noah certainly enjoyed his tropical getaway. “He had swimming lessons in the morning, and then an arts-and-crafts session. And of course, there was an endless supply of virgin strawberry daiquiris too!” Cotton candy and ice cream machines, plus a home theater rounded out all the must-haves for a kid’s heaven on earth. On top of all that, the staff took it to another level halfway through the week: “They brought in a petting zoo!” says Levi, “I didn’t even know that was possible! Snakes, owls, a baby crocodile… it was so cool. That’s something Noah will remember forever.”

aramara_zooWith a staff of about 30, neither Levi nor Heidi had to lift a finger, let alone ask for anything. “The staff adapted to our habits so quickly. It made us feel incredibly welcome and cared for. I keep kosher ‘light’, and my son has a couple of allergies, and everyone was beyond accommodating.” The 5-star chef and patissier make everything in-house, so meals were not only in keeping with their needs, but also mouthwateringly delicious. “Guacamole and tortilla chips will never be the same again!” laughs Levi.

After their daily afternoon massages on the beach, the family sat down to dinner. “The staff lit candles all around the pool to create this relaxing nighttime ambiance” says Levi. On their last night, enjoying yet another “best meal ever”, Levi and Heidi began to understand why Casa Aramara is the place of choice for those who can have anything. “The grandness of the home and its setting might be the most impressive sight at first. But the flawless staff and service is what makes it otherworldly” he says.

Casa Aramara might be geared towards celebrities, but visitors from all walks of life are accommodated with perfect grace. Which leaves us with one question: with the “anything” button at your fingertips, what would you ask for?

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Colleen McNamara