Welcome to Villa Pacifica, the Remote Getaway in Punta Mita That Feels Like Home-1

Welcome to Villa Pacifica, the Remote Getaway in Punta Mita That Feels Like Home

There is no shortage of luxury at this Punta Mita masterpiece, just one of the reasons you’ll want to join its elite guest list

Punta Mita, an inviting community on Mexico’s Pacific coast, enjoys one of the best climates in the world. With 345 days of sunshine annually and a short flight away from most of the United States, Punta Mita’s private beaches, exclusive communities, and serene oceanfront setting make it feel as though it’s completely removed from civilization. And Villa Pacifica feels that way too, that is until you take notice of the world-class amenities available to you, and the relative ease with which the vacation home’s shrewd service team seems to make just about any wish a reality. That’s the Mexican Magic that makes Villa Pacifica one of the closest remote getaways you’ll find anywhere.

Villa Pacifica in Punta Mita

Villa Pacifica employs two 5-star chefs to serve its guests full-time, and a formal dining table for 14 enjoys a magical view.

Over-the-Top Hospitality

The vacation home is renowned for its world-class service team, so much so that its staff is sought out by some of the most selective and sophisticated people. Pacifica’s managing director has provided hospitality for an A-list of high-profile travelers: musicians Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, Ciara, Rihanna, Cardi B, Khaled, and U2’s Bono; athlete Russell Wilson; businessmen Bob Iger (CEO, Disney) and Michael Rapini (CEO, Live Nation Entertainment); and one of America’s iconic families, the Getty family. His track record of providing incredible experiences for some of the world’s most discerning travelers is one of the many reasons other seasoned travelers turn to him for their own vacations.

No matter the guest, Villa Pacifica’s team always goes to great lengths to ensure that its visitors feel like they’re home. One of the most important parts of a vacation is the food, and at Villa Pacifica, the menu delights each and every diner because it’s closely tailored to each guest’s preferences. The home employs two five-star chefs to serve its guests full-time, and the management team often arranges for top-flight chefs from around the world to visit and train the in-house chefs on the latest culinary trends. On top of that, the staff is always looking for ways to surprise its guests, so on separate occasions, knowing their guests had an affinity for a particular restaurant, they’ve flown in chefs from iconic eateries Nobu, Miami’s Komodo, New York City’s Nusr-Et Steakhouse, and Peru’s Central Restaurante. When guests have particular dietary preferences, the team will accommodate that too; Villa Pacifica has hired Indian, vegan, and kosher chefs to make their guests feel just like they’re at home.

Villa Pacifica in Punta Mita: Pool and exterior

A rich red facade and a luminous stone terrace glow in the brilliant Pacific light, while wide thresholds invite the ocean breeze throughout the home.

Celebrity-Level Curated Experiences

Celebrities love Villa Pacifica. It’s incredibly private, set within an exclusive development in Punta Mita carefully populated with less than 20 spacious homes. One of its most appreciated perks is that it’s beachfront to the quiet Los Ranchos, a calm stretch of shiny white sand that is one of the few swimmable beaches in the area. Los Ranchos is a lovely setting for a romantic dinner or a large themed bash. The team has organized “Red Carpet” nights and karaoke nights, and has gone as far as to organize consecutive themed evenings for one group: St. Patrick’s Day, Asian, Mexican, and nautical-style parties, one after the other.

It’s the privacy, the customization, and the anything-is-possible attitude that attract so many discerning travelers to Villa Pacifica. Hollywood power couple Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas spent their 2016 Thanksgiving there — “a fabulous Thanksgiving family holiday” according to Douglas on his Facebook page — and Pacifica’s team treated them with a special menu featuring traditional Turkey Day trimmings. Pop icon (and now actress) Lady Gaga particularly enjoyed Villa Pacifica’s architecture when she stayed there, likening it to a traditional Mexican hacienda with the most up-to-date amenities. (Plus, she loved the chef’s homemade tamales!) Spider-Man actor Tobey Maguire took a family retreat there and lauded the home for its size, space, and layout, saying the pool and garden area was the perfect place for his two kids to play while he and his wife could relax. And Mexican world champion boxer Canelo Álvarez refers to Villa Pacifica as “his beach house.” As the highest paid athlete of all-time, there are few things in the world out of reach for Álvarez, yet having stayed there more than five times with his family or spouse, the world-class fighter has told the villa’s director that he feels most relaxed at the coveted luxury retreat on Los Ranchos Beach.


Special Access

Golfers love Pacifica for the unusual distinction of having access to two Jack Nicklaus courses within a five-minute drive: Punta Mita Bahia and Punta Mita Pacifico. The Bahia Course provides panoramic views of the bay, and its final two holes neighbor the popular surf break El Faro. The Pacifico Course is home to the world’s only natural island green — reachable only via water cart — the famous Tail of the Whale third hole.

While each 18 is exquisite, it’s the ability to play both that excites avid golfers visiting Villa Pacifica for a week or more and playing a round each day. A stay at Pacifica also allows access to all the resort clubs within Punta Mita, including Kupuri Beach Club, St. Regis Beach Club, the Four Seasons, and Residence Beach Club. Even with access to these prestigious beach clubs, guests often prefer to stay put and enjoy the more customizable amenities, dedicated staff, and unmatched privacy at Villa Pacifica.

Villa Pacifica in Punta Mita: Master bedroom

The cavernous master suite is ideally designed for beholding the oceanic expanse, with a wide wall opening to unobstructed vistas and a sumptuous lounge area like a private viewing theater for the sunset spectacle.

Impeccable Design

Villa Pacifica was designed by the renowned Mexican minimalist architect, Pepe de Yturbe, who took inspiration from the decorated Luis Barragán. De Yturbe’s imprint is felt throughout the property, from the carefully selected stones that make up the walkway to the iconic half moon pond at the entrance. His design is positioned to give Villa Pacifica an all-year breeze throughout the home from north to south, giving those inside the sensation of being cooled by a fan. The swimming pool is shallow, allowing guests to spend countless hours in the water sipping cocktails. Perhaps de Yturbe’s greatest work at Villa Pacifica is the sweeping master bedroom, a sophisticated suite covering most of the top floor. The master has inviting indoor and outdoor living spaces and an open wall that extends the length of the room to expose uncontested views of Banderas Bay and the Pacific Ocean. From the grassy area near the pool, guests can scamper down a private stairway toward the swimmable beach. If watersports are of interest, Villa Pacifica provides its guests paddle boards, kayaks and, surfboards. At this Punta Mita masterpiece, anything is possible — all you have to do is ask.